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Life at Envato

Employees at desks
Employees conversing at desk
View through doorway into kitchen area where employees talking in groups
Two Envato keep-cups
Happy employee talking with colleagues in courtyard
Employees having conversation in kitchen area
Two employees talking in kitchen area, a sign with "onwards and upwards" in background
Person wearing an earbud sitting on a couch
Person working on laptop at a kitchen table
Employees enjoying a chat and food
Employee sits at a desk working on a laptop
Wall with art of a character taking a photo
Wall with art of a character taking a photo, blurred people in foreground
Black and white photo of happy person
Employees standing drinking coffee and tea, and enjoying conversation
Happy person walking through doorway
Person wearing headphones sitting on couch using laptop
Employee working on laptop sitting in armchair with wall art in background
Employee sitting at desk in meeting room, with screen in background that says "Check in on our new Envatians"
Two employees working at their desks
Rows of desks with lockers and wall art in the distant background
Black sign on a black wall, on the sign in white text is "Envato is a welcoming and inclusive workplace. This is a gender neutral shower"
Person working at their desk which has a nice pot plant on it
Pink chair with bookshelf in background
Two people sitting on couch talking
Happy person working at their desk with pink lockers and plants in background
Black and white photo of two employees at desks
Person sitting on couch using laptop with vinyl record player and wall art
Person working at their standing desk with laptop and monitor, blurred plant in foreground
Two employees sitting on armchairs talking, plants in the background
Person working at desk with yellow character art on white wall
Happy person walking through office holding coffee and laptop
Yellow and white wall mural on white wall, with employees working at desks
Yellow and black art on wall of character with long hair with bird on arm and employees working at sit stand desks
Two employees standing looking at laptop
Black and white photo of employee at desk looking to the right making hand gesture
Person at desk laughing
Aspect through window of employee in meeting room at round desk looking at laptop
3 employees standing at desk meeting with two remote co-workers on video conference screen with blue, black, and white art of kangaroo on wall
Two people hugging on right and two on left talking
Black and white photo of two people at standing desk looking at monitor with lockers in background with pot plants on them
Lounge area with wall mural in background and two employees talking
Elevated view down into kitchen area where employees are talking in numerous small groups
Wall with multiple artwork pieces on the wall
Employees around table with video conference screen
Employees with backs to camera at desk having a video conference
Black outlined wall art of green circle with white bird on it, black lockers against the wall to the right
Two people at table with laptops
Employee at table looking at laptop
3 employees with backs to camera looking at video conference screen, person on right holding up 4 fingers
Person at standing desk looking at monitor deep in thought
Employee wearing hat working
Person at desk with large wall art of character using a camera
black and white photo of employees standing around with wall art in background
Two employees at standing desk with one pointing at monitor and plants in background
Two employees working on laptops at table in courtyard
Hanging lights over table with plants in center and power outlets
3 people sitting talking
Employee playing table tennis, view is from behind a bush
Employee playing table tennis very happy, probably about to win
Employee just won point in table tennis
employees sitting in lounge area on beanbags and armchairs working on laptops
Person in armchair using laptop that has Envato sticker on it
Person playing table tennis, preparing to hit the winning shot
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