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Photoshop Actions Before and After Images

To celebrate Photoshop's 30th birthday, we’ve created some amazing Photoshop before and after images using Photoshop Actions from Envato.

Portrait for Envato By Envato
Posted 8 Feb 2020
Before and after

We all know 2020 is going to be a big year. It’s the start of a new decade, it’s the year of the US presidential elections, and it marks the 30th birthday of Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop, which is so successful it’s literally become a verb, turns 30 on February 19, and here at Envato we want to celebrate a software that’s had a tremendous impact on photography and graphic design – and in turn the lives of our authors and customers.

To mark the occasion we’ve also created Photoshop before and after images using Photoshop Actions from GraphicRiver and photos from Envato Elements. The creators of Photoshop likely never dreamed it would one day be used to simulate realistic painting effects, create three-dimensional graphics, and even put images in motion using animation. As the software became more sophisticated over the years, users created even more ways to produce stunning graphics, limited only by the bounds of their imagination.

The Photoshop Actions featured below can help you create your own manipulated masterpieces, and save you loads of time in the process. Most Actions come with brushes and/or pattern files that must be installed before the Action is run, and may also require some preparation of the original photo. Remember to read and follow the instructions carefully before you start creating amazing photoshop images. And most of all, have fun!

30 Amazing Photoshop Actions​

More than simply applying a gradient to your photo, this Action adds contour lines for a trendy look. Mix and match for endless variations.

Woman with round frame sunglasses
Woman with round frame sunglasses with a filter

Image: Beautiful positive redheaded girl, Freepik

Give any photo the appearance of a finely-rendered pencil drawing.

Portrait of beautiful positive redheaded girl with a chamomile crown on her head posing on a bright green studio background
Real Pencil Photoshop Action by AB-Designer

Excellent Action for sports, dancing, or wherever you want to add dynamic motion.

Professional african american football soccer player in motion isolated on white studio background. Fit jumping man in action, jump, movement at game.
Lines Photoshop Action by AfterAction

Give your photo a sleek, sparkly look with just a few steps.

African american athletic fighter with red gloves on posing over black studio background, copy space
SuperHero Photoshop Action by Attant

Create a cartoon zombie effect, then animate it for more fun. Change colors to complement your photo.

Young couple man and woman in casual clothes posing on white studio isolated background
Animated Zombie Grime Art Photoshop Action by bangingjoints​

Take a step back in time with this retro action, which generates 25 different pixel effects.

Portrait of a devil boy. Vector illustration
Pixel Artist - 8 Bit Retro - Photoshop Action by Elite Author

Create glitchy video effects using the provided PSD and Smart Objects. Eight different styles.

New York City Manhattan skyline with One World Trade Center Tower (AKA Freedom Tower) over Hudson River viewed from New Jersey
VHS - RGB Glitch Text Effect by devotchkah

Give your photo an analog mixed-media effect.

Modern African American woman dancer in a full length expressive pose. Isolated on white background
Modern African American woman dancer in a full length expressive pose. Isolated on white background
Watercolor Sketch - Photoshop Action by dgas99

Turn any photo into a stylized, painterly concept drawing.

Little Girl Super Hero Concept
Concept Art Photoshop Action by Eugene-design

Create realistic architectural renderings with this action, which also produces interesting results with portraits or landscapes.

Typical Belgian cityscape Europe tourism concept - canal and old houses on sunset. Bruges (Brugge), Belgium
Archi Sketch Photoshop Action by Eugene-design

This Action produces high-contrast images with a splash of ink.

Portrait of tattooed man by Rawpixel
Signature - B&W Vector CS4+ Photoshop Action by FD-Design

The Action’s ease of use belies its sophisticated results. Includes a separate Action to animate your results.

Afro woman bodybuilder showing her muscular biceps by Prostock-studio
Animated Real Paint FX - Photoshop Add-On by Giallo

This item contains over 60 different shadow overlays. The action helps you apply the shadows with realistic blending modes, lending instant depth and atmosphere to your photos.

Desktop by ff-photo
Organic Shadow Photo Overlays by Graphic-Spirit

Easily apply a celestial, dramatic effect to any photo.

Man in casual office style clothes jumping by master1305
Nebula Photoshop Action by Hemalaya1

A super realistic watercolor effect you’ll want to try again and again.

Houses of Parliament in London with Big Ben by markusgann
Aquarelle - Watercolor Painting Photoshop Action by IndWorks

Get different results every time you play this Action, depending on your original brush strokes.

bengal cat in studio by cynoclub
bengal cat in front of white background
Colored Splash Photoshop Action by aanderr

Get the look of conté crayon and wet media with this easy-to-use Action.

Caucasian man wearing glasses staring at camera by jacoblund
Artistic Sketch Photoshop Action by Lostbird

Give your photos a painted ink and wash effect.

traditional arab man portrait by markusgann
Ink Manipulation Photoshop Action by mrikhokon

Create realistic scribble drawings from your photos.

Beautiful black girl by Svetography
Portrait Scribble Sketch Art Photoshop Action by rojdark

This action creates a watercolor effect that is more detailed and controlled than some, while maintaining a realistic look.

scooter by Determined
Watercolor Art Photoshop Action by Saturn62

For more Photoshop Actions and inspiration, visit Envato Elements and GraphicRiver.


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