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Beautiful & Creative Photo Results From Our Photoshop Actions Contest Winners

See how Photoshop actions can quickly and easily transform your images into incredible artwork.

Portrait for Envato By Envato
Posted 16 May 2017

Grand Prize ($500) – romlam

What we love about this entry is the combination of multiple actions. The Double Light action adds modern, atmospheric lighting to the image and the Animated Fire Embers add a subtle yet very effective touch to bring the ‘sound’ of the ukulele to life. With a final dash of cinemagraph animation to bring the picture to life, romlam’s masterpiece is complete!

Man playing guitar with sunglasses

Good alternatives from Envato Elements:

romlam also wins an Envato T-shirt and the coveted “Won a Contest” community badge. Awesome job!

– Scott Wills

Runner-up ($250) – em1

Woman in ball gown with sparkles

Our judges were all in agreement with this beautiful entry from em1. The fashion image is accentuated with a gentle pink hue and truly comes alive with the Shatter action applied. The effect adds movement, magic and intrigue to any image.

Before and after shatter Photoshop Action effect

Photoshop Action(s) used:

em1 also wins an Envato T-shirt. Well played, sir!

– Scott Wills

3rd place ($150) – pbombaert

Lightbulb with trees

Shatter was a popular choice amongst contest participants and the clever use of a glass lightbulb by pbombaert really captures the essence of the Photoshop action. The shattered particles really help draw-in the user’s focus and really pop with the addition of the deep purple background.

Before and after lightbulb Photoshop action

Photoshop Action(s) used:

pbombaert also wins an Envato T-shirt. Very well done!

– Scott Wills

4th place ($100) – 2ASoundWorks

Man with double light effect Photoshop Action

A great photo gets turned into an amazing photo with the help of the Double Light Photoshop Action. 2ASoundWorks chose a really great photo where the model strikes an interesting pose that showcases the beauty and power of Double Light.

Before and after double light effect Photoshop action

Photoshop Action(s) used:

2ASoundWorks also wins an Envato T-shirt. Great job!

– Scott Wills

5th place (Envato T-shirt) – CynthiaGreen

Woman sitting on a bridge watercolor effect

CynthiaGreen is a huge fan of Photoshop actions – her work was featured in a recent Made With Envato roundup. Cynthia’s creative work is featured again with great use of the Artist action. The natural colors of the watercolor effect and the well-posed photograph help create an authentic and realistic style.

Before and after watercolor effect photoshop action

Photoshop Action(s) used:

More Highlights from the Contest

Many thanks to Photoshop action creators dgas99Eugene-designprofactions, and sreda for helping to judge the contest, and to everyone who kindly took the time to enter. We loved seeing everyone’s entries! As well as our winners above, we’ve picked out some of our other favorite entries. You can see even more entries in the official contest thread.

Robin – nofearsamm

Red robin watercolor
Before and after bird watercolor Photoshop action

Photoshop Action(s) used:

Waterfall Hair – CynthiaGreen

Waterfall with lady's face and hair
Before and after waterfall hair effect Photoshop action

Photoshop Action(s) used:

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