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Top 10 Creative Photoshop Actions for Portraits

Want to create stunning portraits in seconds? Here are 10 of the most creative Photoshop Actions for portaits on Envato Elements.

Posted 21 Jun 2021
PS Actions for Portraits

Want to create stunning creative portraits without spending years mastering the craft? Photoshop actions are a great way to turn any regular image into a masterpiece in no time. Whether you’re a Photoshop Actions expert or are yet to try them out, read on to find out how they can save you time without sacrificing quality. We also share 10 of our favorite Photoshop Actions for creating unforgettable portraits in seconds. 

What are Photoshop Actions? 

They’re a series of recorded commands that help you add effects to your files in a few clicks. It means specific effects can be automated rather than applied manually, speeding up the process so you can focus your time elsewhere. This is especially useful if you have an effect you want to use again and again.

Photoshop Actions can reflect any style, check out just some of the looks you can achieve below: 

  • Cyberpunk
  • Watercolor
  • Hologram
  • Cartoon
  • Painting

Top tip: Want to create Andy Warhol-inspired pop art photo effects? Get started with this Photoshop Action!

How to use Photoshop Actions for Portraits 

Whatever look you’re trying to achieve with your portraits, Photoshop Actions can help you achieve it. Want to know how to add actions to Photoshop? 

Different types of portraits 

Portrait Photoshop Actions can help you achieve any style—from a sophisticated watercolor Photoshop Action to retro throwbacks, or even imagery engulfed in fire. 

Your preferred brushes can all be recorded within Photoshop Actions. Whether you prefer the more abstract brushes for illustration, pencil strokes, or more of a graffiti vibe, you can find an Action that replicates the look you’re after. 

Top Photoshop Actions for Portraits

1. Mixed Media Photoshop Action By sevenstyles

This watercolor Photoshop Action will give your imagery a real hand-drawn, personal feel. As you can see from the examples, you can include paint splatters which help the imagery jump from the page. It also comes with a video tutorial with tips for getting started.

2. Portrait Photoshop Actions By Presetsh

This one-click action transforms dull, unedited imagery into their rightful glory! You can achieve in seconds what may have taken hours. This is a great option if you’re after a more natural look that looks a bit more candid.

3. Digital Painting Portrait Photoshop Action By Oxygen_Art

If you want to turn your photo into a digital painting, then look no further! Like many Photoshop Actions, this comes with editable colors, sizes, and effects. It’s a great choice if you’re looking to create a professional headshot with a bit of personality.

4. Pencil Sketch Photoshop Action By AB-TheDesigner

After more of a pencil sketch style? This eye-catching Photoshop Action is made for you. Its simplicity would translate well across a wide variety of uses—from portfolios to music and promotion.

5. Vibrant Portrait Photoshop Actions By 2lagus

The clue’s in the name—this Action is for creating super vibrant snaps! Again, an excellent choice if you’re after a more natural look, this just makes the setting really pop.

6. Painting Photoshop Actions By creativetacos

This stunning Photoshop Action turns your images into works of art! Suitable for both web and print media, turn your RAW and JPEG images into beautiful digital paintings.

7. Polygon Photoshop Action By sevenstyles

If you’re after something more abstract, then how’s this? Break your photo into a myriad of pentagons of different colors and shapes, which all work together to create something beautiful. You can choose from 7 levels of polygon detail and choose from 30 colors.

8. Portrait Painting Photoshop Action By nmc2010

Have some fun experimenting with this Action, which turns your imagery into a fabulous blend of cartoon and oil painting styles. As the examples show, this Action is versatile as it can give portraits a moody or light-hearted feel depending on the subject matter!

9. Painting Photoshop Action By UnicDesign

This Photoshop Action will transform your snaps into beautiful oil paintings worthy of any gallery wall! You can pick from 25 preset colors, and even though it looks like the examples took days to paint, it’s designed to be simple to use.

10. Portrait MASTER Photoshop Actions By SupremeTones

Looking for a more futuristic vibe? This one’s for you! Whether you’re looking to promote an event, launch a game, or sell merchandise, this Action is sure to get you noticed.

Over to You! 

If you’re inspired to use Photoshop Actions to create your next project, then head over to Envato Elements to explore the full selection.

If you like what you see, you can sign up to Envato Elements for subscription, meaning you can download as many Photoshop Actions as you like at no extra cost. 

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