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20 Stellar Science Fiction After Effects Templates

We’ve assembled a collection of sci-fi After Effects templates most likely to induce awe and wonder.

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Posted 21 Feb 2018
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2017 was a banner year for science fiction and its popularity is at an all-time high. As a genre, it’s no longer niche and is now entirely mainstream. TV shows like Black Mirror and Electric Dreams play into contemporary culture’s technological issues and fixations. And movies like Blade Runner 2049 and the Last Jedi are like futuristic allegories for our time. 

People like science fiction more than ever in part because it hardly seems like fiction anymore as it becomes more real each day when news stories like this and this are published. 

The science-fiction aesthetic is so diverse and creatives working with the genre have a lot to explore. Some geek out to sci-fi with iridescent aliens, transforming spaceships, glowing technological interfaces, shimmery star fields or dark and dystopian landscapes.

Motion graphic designers working in After Effects, in particular, really know their sci-fi stuff. On Envato, the science fiction inspired templates are entirely epic, and in addition to just being so eye-mazing, they also demonstrate a high level of technical wizardry on the part of their authors.

We’ve assembled a collection of sci-fi After Effects templates most likely to induce awe and wonder and tried to pick ones that show a wide range in visual style too. These templates would work for a variety of project types like movie trailers, presentation introductions, transition sequences, and as clips in music videos.

Now go grab the popcorn (or light sabre) and get ready to explore new worlds with this list of Science Fiction After Effects templates.

Dreamland is a cinematic film title sequence that’s like an epic journey through the Milky Way and nebulae. Like a passenger in Tesla’s car, the viewer is propelled through strange new celestial lands. The sequence has nuanced and rich color and the animation is quite smooth. Dreamland is accompanied by a grand score by talented composer Jeffrey Peterson. The project includes a pre-render version and original version and is in both 4K and Full HD.

2. Epic Galaxy Titles by framestore

Epic Galaxy Titles by framestore

Can a sci-fi intro be luxury? Epic Galaxy Titles appears so. Filaments of a liquid gold rainout on a dark charcoal space backdrop. Epic Galaxy Titles also has a retro vibe and seems a bit ’90s. The sequence has some interesting pacing tricks too, with variable time rates and some glitch effects.

3. Hud Cinematic Titles by Treedeo

The HUD Cinematic Titles take you on a tour of a smartly designed futuristic interface. The interface is nicely colored in bright red and blue and the interface is clean and modern. The HUD cinematic titles don’t overdo the sci-fi aesthetic and would be a good choice for a quality title sequence. The HUD Cinematic Titles are in HD and require no additional plugins.

4. Cinematic Titles by Treedeo

Cinematic Titles is another choice title sequence by Treedo. The interface in this intro is more minimalist. Glowing light blue bands softly fade in and out alongside elegant widely-spaced type. The interface resembles a DNA sequence a little. Cinematic Titles would work for a film project and also for a science documentary or even a music video.

Titles Macro takes a trip to inner space. Dark, gritty, amorphous and entirely biological landscapes glide through the view. If you are looking for an intro that Sigourney Weaver from Alien would love then this might be a perfect choice. Titles Macro would work as a sci-fi film titles sequence and also as a moody intro for a medical, non-profit, science, or tech presentation. Titles Macro includes a version with pre-rendered effects and one with plugins that you can customize yourself.

6. Cyberpunk Intro by ZuzuZa

Cyberpunk Intro is a h-nrg retro 90s intro with lots of visual fx sci-fi fans love like glitch, typing text and floating abstracted interface elements. The project vibes like the sequel to the iconic Seal and Adamski cyberpunk video Killer. Cyberpunk Intro requires no plugins and is designed with a modular structure making it easy to customize.

Calling the Matrix! The Sky Technology trailer presents a visual field of layers upon layers of ticking numbers fading out into the blue. The design is finely done with much attention paid to crafting the perfect 3D text element and glow effect. The film trailer is designed with universalized expressions so it will work with any language.

Technology Titles by nixstudioedition

Technology Titles is a contemporary choice with a visually advanced and high tech design. Compound geometry is used to create the visual effects and the end result appears like a very highly-detailed technological wormhole. Expressions are universalized, no plugins are required and a Plexus version is included.

Trailer Studio 2 is an intro sequence as at home in a DJ booth as it is in a science fiction movie. Stylish, with an evocative geometric design, it appears ripped from the movie The Neon Demon. Trailer Studio 2 boasts 25 text placeholders, 10 transition effects, 15 color presets and 20 backgrounds.

Discover new worlds like Matt Damon with Interstellar Journey. This intro sequence has artistically rendered planets with colorful textures and just the right amount of realism. It’s like you are travelling through outer space and a highly detailed diorama at the same time. Interstellar Journey also zooms in and out giving the viewer a sense of space and depth. Fun and effective plugins like Optical Flares and Trapcode Particular are utilized.

Solar System 2 is a fantastical sequence that has a retro 80s look. The color is vibrant and saturated in a hyper-real way. The visual style is a bit over the top and wacky. One could see this working in an episode of Red Dwarf.  Solar Systems 2 is in 8K resolution and includes 14 unique planetary scenes.

Floating in the Sky is a contemporary sci-fi template that captures the mood of the great expansive aloneness of space. Floating in the Sky is thoughtful and also artful and even pretty. Rainbow washes like the aurora borealis glimmer across the screen and halos of light soften planet’s edges. The text animation is also notable as it appears to both wave, float and blur into view. Floating in the Sky would work as a science fiction intro sequence and also for motivational and new age presentations.

Underneath the city, there is a vast network of tunnels… Dark, gritty and bold Epic Trailer Titles 8 is a subterranean sci-fi tour. The 3d type is well done in a textured and condensed sans serif. The template is entirely customizable and the Element3D V2 and Trapcode Particular Plugin are required.

Digital Corporate Promo is a layered and visually detailed intro template with lots of moving parts. The sequence uses color overlays effectively and includes 90s style bold and tech fonts. Video is overlayed within an abstract visual interface. The project would be a good choice for a futuristic game promo or to create a sci-fi inspired video album.

Sci Fi Steel Safe Doors and Gates by YanYankoCMG

So many metal doors! If you enjoyed the trash compactor scene in the original Star Wars then you’ll love this mesmerizing collection of textured safe doors and gates. You can choose from three animation styles: simple, slow zoom and zoom at the end. Each door and gate is simple to use with the alpha channel already set.

This intro sequence boasts the best big rocks of any of the templates. The chunky meteorites float slowly through the scenes at different angles and scales. The template is very easy to use and a good choice for anyone new to After Effects. Eight text holders and media holders are included.

17. Poseidon – Futuristic Trailer by Themilamax

Poseidon is high quality and contemporary science fiction template. Cinematic, powerful and professional it’s a solid choice for a movie or gaming project introduction. The 3D text is beautifully styled and cool distortion effects are used to add atmosphere. No plugins are required and it has a modular construction making it easy for beginners to use.

Digital Form Trailer by TimMG

Digital Form Trailer is a flexible and feature-rich classic sci-fi trailer template. It includes glitch, particles, scan lines, and shiny glowing 3D text. The prerender version is included so the Plexus 2 plugin is not required. Twelve media and eight title and logo placeholders are included.

Modern Slideshow by Stanislav_Sobolev

Modern slideshow is an on-trend template that has sci-fi inspired design elements plus geometric masking. The slideshow is adaptable and could work as an intro for a fashion or lifestyle brand, as a template for a motivational presentation, or as a sci-fi trailer. The project is drag and drop making it simple for anyone to use.

20. Science Fiction Lower Thirds by Renname

This list just scratches the surface of the amazing sci-fi templates available on Envato. For more, check our video library over on Envato Elements. Or for more creative inspiration, head over to the Envato Blog to read up on the latest trends, tips, interviews and roundups

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