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Ten Things You Might Not Know About Envato

How many of these did you already know?

Posted 10 May 2018
Ten Things You Might Not Know About Envato

In May this year Envato passed another unique and significant milestone: 10 million registered users!

From authors earning a living doing what they love, to customers finding items that help them finish their creative projects faster, Envato’s community is full of people doing wonderful things each and every day around the world; from the Russian audio producer whose song was used by Volkswagen to the Canadian videographer featured in a Kanye West music video, there are people in more than 200 countries around the world doing creative things each and every day.

To mark the occasion, we spoke with Envato co-founder and CEO Collis Ta’eed to get his list of ten fun facts you may not know about the company.

  1. Envato has an item downloaded or sold about every four seconds
    That adds up to more than 40 million sales from six million unique customers since the company was first founded in 2006
  2. Tuts+ has tutorials translated into more than 50 languages
    Fancy teaching yourself how to use a Photoshop plugin in Mandarin? Do you read German and want to level up some web design skills? You can do all that on Tuts+ and more, with more than 20,000 online tutorials and courses now translated on site. 
  3. We have a women’s developer apprentice program
    The company has always been proud of its emphasis on diversity and inclusion, especially when it comes to hiring practices, and the new program is just another way Envato can support the local tech sector in this way. 
  4. There’s a jigsaw puzzle club in the Melbourne HQ
    At lunchtimes in the kitchen you’ll very often find a handful of people staring intently at hundreds of tiny coloured bits of cardboard. 
  5. The company has moved office six times in 12 years…
    …but we’ve made our home in the Melbourne CBD for the last four-and-a-half years, most recently in a former school which, before that, was a wine cellar! 
  6. Spanish is the second-most widely spoken language in our team
    More than 100 staff can speak Spanish fluently. We also have folks who are fluent in French, Danish, Hebrew, German, Russian and more! 
  7. One of our co-founders has now started a chocolate company
    Packets of Hey Tiger chocolate are now strewn all over Envato’s HQ and the place is buzzing (though that might be the sugar talking!) 
  8. Envato and Zomato are brand/domain names from the same place
    A moment of inspiration on Brand Bucket has become legendary around the office, but now we couldn’t imagine life under any other name. 
  9. Envato doesn’t mean anything but awesome in our eyes, however ‘vato’ means ‘dude’
    A discovery courtesy of our Spanish-speaking staff! A second fun fact: we have more people querying how to say “Tuts” than they do Envato. For the record, we think it sounds more like “TUHts” than “TEWts”! 
  10. Our company profits are shared annually with staff and charity
    While we’re excited to be in a position to say thank you to all of our staff who work hard to make our global creative community such a success, we’re also able to give back to causes that mean a lot to the people in our organisation. In 2018, this means that in addition to staff profit share, a further 1% of all profits will be dedicated to charity, and in previous years we’ve had the opportunity to support causes across themes as diverse as mental health, environmental protection, education, literacy and family violence.
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