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The Elements of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is a subscription service for designers that includes graphic assets, educational resources, and business management tools.

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Posted 5 Jan 2020
The Elements of Envato Elements

Envato Elements is the freelance designer or multimedia creator’s ideal resource for growing and managing their business. Since its launch in August 2016, new features and resources have been constantly added to the Envato Elements library each week.

Whether you’re a graphic designer or a web developer (or anything in between), there are millions of reasons (and counting) to look into subscribing to Envato Elements. If you haven’t yet been properly briefed, here’s a deep dive into the elements of Envato Elements.

Unlimited Downloads

Some stock image resources limit your access to assets you’ve legally purchased, which can be problematic if you’re not very organized and are constantly re-downloading said assets. With a subscription to Envato Elements, there are no download limits—you can access your favorite assets from Envato’s extensive library whenever and wherever you want, as many times as you need them.

There are millions for you to download, with more being added each week. Here’s what we’ve got (as of this writing):


Finding the perfect font for client design projects can quickly rack up fees and drive project costs sky high. Being able to download and test fonts in your project without having to pay additional costs to do so can simplify the design process considerably.

Royalty-Free Stock Photos

Stock photos Envato Elements

Search Envato Elements’ massive stock photo collection by tag, orientation, background, and even by the photo’s dominant colors. Your clients will definitely appreciate you having access to options outside of the same tired free stock photos everyone else is using.

Stock Videos

If you work with video (and these days, you really should be working with video!), you’ll find everything you need on Envato Elements to help you with your next project. You’ll find not just thousands of stock videos, but also motion graphics, broadcast packages, logo stings, titles, and much more.

Audio Tracks

Whether you’re creating a video, recording a podcast, or designing an app, you’ll need access to quality audio. Envato Elements offers the full range, from music tracks, logos and idents to a massive library of 170,000+ sound effects. Need a dinosaur growl? A cocktail shaker? Some vintage funky beats? It’s all there.

WordPress Themes & Plugins

Envato knows WordPress. Our ThemeForest market is one of the top collections of premium themes and plugins out there. And now, many of the best premium themes and plugins are available with an Envato Elements subscription.

Not a WordPress fan? There are loads of other CMS templates too, so whether you use Drupal, Joomla, Magento, Shopify, HubSpot or something else, you’re in luck. And there are also separate templates for landing pages, emails, and more.

Graphic Templates

Beautifully designed graphics are at the heart of the Envato Elements library, and there are so many different categories that it’s hard to summarize them. You’ll find:

  • 18,000+ vector illustrations
  • 65,000+ graphic templates, e.g. logos, product mockups, print templates, etc.
  • 30,000+ 3D objects
  • 2,000+ add-ons, such as Photoshop actions, Lightroom Presets, brushes, and layer styles
  • plus thousands of backgrounds, textures, icons, patterns, and more!

Presentation Templates

It’s official: public speaking is scary. In surveys, people regularly rank it above all other fears—even death. A good presentation template will help give you some more confidence as you stand up to speak. Whether you use PowerPoint, Keynote, or Google Slides, and whether you’re going for something fun and creative or serious and corporate, you’ll find a template here to wow your audience.


Envato Elements also offers several freebies that allow you to get a taste of the quality of the graphic assets included in a paid Envato Elements membership.


You know how easy it is to create Pinterest boards? You can now do the same thing on Envato Elements, curating your own favorite items into your own Collection.

Acid Design Collection on Envato Elements

Keep your Collections private, or share them with the world! Dogs with hats, anyone? Learn more in this blog post on Envato Elements Collections.

Template Kits

Another cool feature of Envato Elements is that you get free access to template kits for WordPress sites.

How do template kits work? You just download the free Envato Elements WordPress plugin, and then browse page templates and import free assets for your site. The template kits are tailored to work perfectly with popular WordPress page builders like Elementor and Beaver Builder. They make it so easy to build a high-impact, professional-looking site quickly and easily.

Commercial License

If you plan to use any images for use on business mediums like your website, social media, and promotional materials (and for those of your clients), you’ll need to ensure that those images include the right permissions and that you use proper attribution when necessary.

Being legally compliant with image use can be hard to understand, but DIY Photography put together a nice guide that takes you through the ins and outs of licensing if you’re interested in the details. Regarding graphic assets you download from Envato Elements, a commercial license is included with your subscription.

New Pricing for Teams, Enterprises, and Students

Envato Elements started out with a simple proposition: A single monthly subscription price gives you access to all the digital assets you want, with unlimited downloads.

But what if you run a company or work for a large organization and need multiple subscriptions for your employees? You can now get a special “Team” plan, saving 35% on the individual rate. Or enquire about the custom pricing and tailored solutions available for large organizations on the “Enterprise” plan.

Envato Elements pricing

What about students? Well, that’s easy. If you are a student at an accredited institution, just sign up for the Student plan and get 30% off the regular individual price.

Envato Elements for Students

What’s Next for Envato Elements?

With thousands of graphic assets being added each week, new courses and ebooks added periodically, and new features being introduced to this extensive bundle on a regular basis, Envato Elements will continue to grow.

The Elements of Elements

The features that makeup everything you get with a subscription to Envato Elements support the many different facets of a freelance design business: access to education to build new skills, creative assets to use in projects, and a tool for improving business administration in the background of it all. A subscription to Envato Elements is an affordable luxury for freelancers who want to step up their game, take on exciting new projects, and earn more money while doing what they love.

Ready to explore Envato Elements for yourself? Sign up for a subscription.

How has the use of Envato Elements positively impacted your business? We’d love to hear about it! Tweet @envato, and we’ll share our favorite responses.

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