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TikTok Trends: What’s Trending on TikTok in March 2023

Want to know what’s trending on TikTok? From trending hashtags and formats to the top trending sounds, check out the hottest TikTok trends of the moment below.

Posted 20 Mar 2023
TikTok Trends 20th March 2023

When it comes to TikTok trends, if you’re not early – you’re late!

There’s no doubt that TikTok is a great platform to build a community, entertain, educate, and have fun. However, TikTok trends come and go so quickly that it can be hard to generate ‘early adopter reach’ if you don’t keep your finger on the pulse. Most of us don’t have time to spend all day every day on the TikTok app hunting for emerging trends. Lucky for you, that’s where we come in!

Each week, we’ll update you on what’s trending on TikTok, including trending TikTok hashtags and how to find trending sounds on TikTok. We’ll cover the latest trending formats and sounds and recap the hottest TikTok trends of the moment. All the trends we curate will be showcased with real examples, tips, and advice to help you produce engaging TikTok content for your followers and jump on trends while they’re still hot. 

Using my experience and expertise as Envato’s TikTok Manager, I’ve compiled this guide to help increase your confidence, streamline your TikTok strategy, and – most importantly – improve your TikTok content.

Ready to dive in? Here are the top TikTok trends filling our feeds this week.

TikTok Trends – March 2023

Want to become a TikTok pro? Time is tikking! Check out the hottest TikTok trends for March below. 

20th March 2023

1. Just Letting Everyone Know 

What Is the “Just Letting Everyone Know” Trend?

We have another easy CapCut trend for you to try this week, and all it takes is a single photo! This template is super cheesy, as is the TikTok official music track that accompanies it. Users have embraced its goofiness by adding text starting with “Just letting everyone know…” and ending with something mundane, personal, or TMI (Too Much Information). Common examples include everything from attending a routine appointment to making a life-changing decision. 

How to Use This Trend

Load your photo of choice into the trending CapCut template (you can find it attached to our post here). The image should be of yourself, not overly posed, and in an environment relevant to your text overlay. Export your CapCut video back to TikTok and add your text overlay as a central focus on the video. 

Here are some things you might “want everyone to know”: 

  • Just letting everyone know that I will be spending the afternoon on Pinterest and calling it brainstorming 
  • Just letting everyone know I personally don’t mind Papyrus 
  • Just letting everyone know my biggest inspiration is my dog. 

Find more info on this trend by searching #JustLettingYouKnow on TikTok. 

2. Things That Would Put 2020 Me Into A Coma 

What Is the “Things That Would Put 2020 Me Into A Coma” Trend?

It’s officially been three years since the announcement of the Covid-19 global pandemic, and boy – have things changed! There’s been a steady stream of TikTok trends marking the world’s Covid-19 anniversary, and this one is about telling your past self how things have changed since March 2020, as well as the news and events which would “put them into a coma.”


being in this bathroom agains got me emotional 🥲

♬ original sound – Harrison

How to Use This Trend

Use the first 8 seconds of this sound and film a clip of yourself – you could be looking in the mirror or straight into the camera. Overlay the text title, ‘Things That Would Put 2020 Me Into A Coma,’ and list the life-changing events which have occurred over the last three years underneath. Each event should be its own text edit on screen. Check out the examples beneath the sound on TikTok to see how other users are formatting theirs. 

Here are some event ideas you might like to reflect on: 

  • Graduating or earning a degree
  • Meeting an important person in your life
  • Finding business success

grateful is an understatement

♬ original sound – Harrison

13th March 2023

TikTok Trends 13th March 2023

1. I Don’t Like This Conversation

What Is the “I Don’t Like This Conversation” Trend?

Do you have a terrible poker face? Then this trend is for you! The “I Don’t Like This Conversation” trend is about accidentally letting your genuine expression show during an uncomfortable conversation. The audio states, “Okay, I don’t like this conversation or this person, but I feel like I’m hiding it pretty well though – thank God.” Users then cut to their faces that are, in fact, not hiding it well. This hilarious reveal makes the trend fun and engaging to the end of every video: we love a hook! 


and i always wondered how my english teacher knew to come straight over and help me every time #dyslexia #autism #autistic #trend #fyp #foryou

♬ original sound – Modern Hippie Mindset

How to Use This Trend

You can film this trend in two parts. Clip one should be a close-up shot of the side of your face, hiding your expression. The second clip should be very brief, showing what your face is actually doing. While most users include the sound’s subtitles as their video text, you can take it one step further and overlay text giving a niche context to make it even funnier. 

Here are some potential situations where creatives’ poker faces might fail them: 

  • When a client says they’ve created a design to get me started 
  • When someone says my job is to “make things look pretty.” 

2. I Left You Alone For 5 Minutes

What Is the “I Left You Alone For 5 Minutes” Trend?

When left unsupervised in your favorite shop, you can’t be held responsible for how much you spend. This week, TikTok users have been using the audio from this video posted in December 2022 to share their favorite places to splurge. This trend is perfect for disclosing what shops test your willpower – like a bookstore or a homewares shop – or for creatives to plug their businesses by pretending to be a customer shopping at their store, like the below example. 

How to Use This Trend

This sound bite features two characters; you can play both or act out the rogue shopper conversing with the judgemental character out of frame. Most users jumping on this viral sound wait for the word ‘Costco’ to be said until they reveal their shop of choice as text on the screen to keep audiences watching until the end. Don’t give away any clues as to what your reveal will be in the caption either – this encourages users to watch the whole video, which signals the algorithm to expose your video to more viewers. 

Here are some potential shops creatives may relate to: 

  • A camera store
  • A stationery shop 
  • An art supplies store.

March 6th 2023

TikTok Trends: What’s Trending on TikTok March 6th

1. Filter: Goofy Ahh Soundboard  

What Is the “Goofy Ahh Soundboard” Filter Trend?

There are thousands of interactive TikTok filters to play with, some of which go viral in certain formats, which is what happened with the Goofy Ahh Soundboard filter. Users create videos starting with the statement “Wow, you’re literally my dream [insert noun here],” then overlay the filter in their second clip listing facts about themselves that some may consider “red flags.” After each red flag, the user will hit one of the sounds from the soundboard – typically, the emoji covering its mouth, accompanied by a truth bomb noise. 

How to Use This Trend

Record a clip that sounds as if you’re complimenting yourself, such as “You’re literally my dream [videographer]!”. Then load the filter for the second and last clip. In one take, list a few things about yourself that may clash with the idea that you’re a “dream [videographer],” and hit the emoji after each statement. 

Here are some potential creative “red flags” you could list for this trend: 

  • “Never gets enough sleep.” 
  • “Can’t accept compliments.” 
  • “Always forgets to save my work.” 

Tip: You don’t need to overlay music to participate in this trend – using the soundboard is the added audio. 

Find more examples on TikTok by searching #YoureLiterallyMyDream. 

2. A Bad Imagination (The Office) 

What Is the “Bad Imagination” Trend?

Here’s another trending soundbite from the super quotable hit show, The Office. TikTok users are getting creative with a snippet where Pam says, “Michael, do not let your imagination run out of control.” Michael responds, “Well, that’s easy for you to say – you have a bad imagination; it’s stupid. I live in a fantasy world!”

Ignorance is bliss, and we don’t want anyone snapping us back to reality! So, what’s your fantasy world? Channel your inner Michael Scott and brainstorm which parts of your creative process let your imagination run wild. 

How to Use This Trend

For this trend, you can play both characters in separate clips, or respond as Michael as if Pam is behind the camera. Lip sync to the lines with some exaggerated drama – TikTok loves some sass – then overlay text giving context to your fantasy world. 

Here are some text overlay examples that could work: 

  • When someone says there’s no budget for this project. 
  • POV: When I say yes to every brief that comes in. 
  • Me, when I’ve planned the entire execution of a campaign that my manager hasn’t even signed off. 

He might be the one

♬ original sound – Bela

 Find more examples on TikTok by searching #TheOffice or #ILiveInAFantasyWorld.

TikTok Trends – February 2023

Want to look back on what’s been trending on TikTok this year? Revisit the hottest TikTok trends for Feb below.

Feb 27th 2023

TikTok Trends: What’s Trending on TikTok in February 2023

1. Smart Ways to Live 


POV: you’re watching this with no videos in your drafts and no clear plan on what videos to post👁️👄👁️ Want help batch creating? Drop us a message 🚀 #TikTokForBusiness #tiktokforbusinessgrowth #SmallBizTikTokTips #batchcreation #contentplanningtips

♬ Smart Ways To Live – Smart Ways To Live

What Is the “Smart Ways to Live” Trend?

You’ve probably seen the “Dumb Ways to Die” trend come and go on TikTok. Well, this is the second wave of the trend – with a script flip! The audio piggybacks off the success of the Dumb Ways to Die’s TikTok account, which posts clips of people about to make a *big* mistake. The video freezes right before the injury or accident occurs, and the text “Dumb Ways to Die” appears in time with the trending sound. Many users created their own version of the trend, which has evolved into “Smart Ways to Live” – a trend centered around people showcasing tips, tricks, and shortcuts (life hacks, if you will).

How to Use This Trend

My life in fact did get easier after I started using this hack 😂 #arthacks #arttips #drawingtips

♬ Smart Ways To Live – Smart Ways To Live

This is a super quick and easy trend to film. Record yourself doing an activity or skill related to your niche and turn it into a hyper-lapse or montage. First, overlay text outlining what you’re doing, then overlay bolded text in time to the end of the audio reading “Smart Ways to Live.” 

Here are some potential ideas to try for this trend: 

  • Starting every day with a coffee and a walk before sitting down at your computer
  • Updating your portfolio with new work every month 
  • Meeting with your mentor regularly for feedback

 Find more examples on TikTok by searching #SmartWaysToLive. 

2. Chronically Cautious

What Is the “Chronically Cautious” Trend?

When it comes to this trend, context is everything! As we all know, TikTok has totally disrupted the music industry. Independent artists can now blow up seemingly overnight – such as Braden Bales, who’s been promoting a teaser of his new song “Chronically Cautious“. Recently, TikTok superstar Elyse Myers posted her duet with his video, which has now generated 4.4 million views (and counting)! Her fans have picked up her duet’s audio, finding meaning in Braden’s lyrics. Some are referring to the song as the “Anxious Millennial Anthem.” 

The lyrics that triggered this trend are, “So if I’m honest, I think I’m beginning to question how much I want this,” which users have started to apply to their own lives. Some users take this trend seriously by relating it to their mental health struggles, while others have been using it to poke fun at something trivial, like how expensive it is to keep up a particular hobby. 

How to Use This Trend

This trend is also very straightforward to execute, as the text does all the heavy lifting. Think about a goal you’re trying to achieve that’s proved challenging or an activity that requires a lot of energy, time, or money. Overlay some relatable text about your situation, and there you have it. 

Here are some potential text overlay ideas to try for this trend: 

  • POV: A client hasn’t gotten back to you in three weeks 
  • Being 32 hours into an After Effects edit for a 30-second video 
  • Losing your work because you forgot to save it two hours ago 

Find more examples on TikTok by searching #ChronicallyCautious or browsing Elyse Myers’ sound

Feb 20th 2023

Envato's TikTok Trends Feb 20th 2023 -  History Crossover and I Talk a Lot trends

1. History Crossover

What Is the “History Crossover” Trend?

If you’re looking for a hefty dose of wholesome, this is the trend for you. The “history crossover” trend highlights a crossover moment in history, showing how history has repeated itself or how far humanity has come. It demonstrates how humans have always been curious and innovative.

There are two key ways that TikTok users have approached this trend:

  • A person from the past appears and asks a person from the present what they’re doing. The person from the present day responds with an answer that delights the time traveler, as it’s beyond what they thought possible. 
  • A person from the current day is completing an action, and someone from the past appears and is happy that it’s still relevant. 

this trend literally makes me cry😭😭 we are who came before us, and who will come after #historytok #ancienthistory #archeology #history

♬ original sound – 🌊🏄🏼‍♀️🤙🏼

TikTok trends often start wholesome but quickly become sarcastic. Some of the top videos using this sound already feature present-day creators rolling their eyes at visitors from the past. I’m all for the wholesome approach to this trend, but depending on your humor, you could take it in either direction. 

How to Use This Trend

This trend is so wholesome and made any tool related frustrations disappear 🥹 (for today at least) #VideoProducer #AfterEffects #AdobeAfterEffects #Videographer #VideoEdit #VideoEditing

♬ original sound – 🌊🏄🏼‍♀️🤙🏼

The trending sound is crucial to this trend (and it’s business account friendly!). Think of a skill or activity in your job or creative process that might surprise someone from the past – either because it’s so incredibly revolutionary or something they used to do themselves. You can choose whichever point in history you like – we went with the 1800s (when the first motion picture was made) to surprise a visitor from the past with moving images.  

Here are some potential ideas to try for this trend: 

  • Calligraphers still using fountain pens and ink pots  
  • Sharing your work on Facebook rather than sending a letter
  • Listening to music on Spotify while you work instead of birds chirping outside. 

Find more examples on TikTok by searching #HistoryRepeats.

2. I Talk A Lot 

What is the “I Talk A Lot” Trend?

Are you a fan of The Office? This trend follows the format of a to-camera interview scene from the hit TV show, centered around a soundbite of ditzy customer service rep Kelly Kapoor stating that she talks so often that she “tunes herself out.”  

This trend is so relatable and leans on the comedic familiarity of this much-loved show. The to-camera delivery echoes the confessional interviews for which the show is best known. Think of a time when you contributed to a project or gave a hot take, and everyone loved it – bonus points if you don’t remember what you said.

How to Use This Trend

The trend is typically shot using two clips. The first clip sets the scene with someone ‘off camera’ delivering Jim’s line, “Wait, wait, wait, that’s actually a really good idea, Kelly.” The person on camera looks confused and lip-syncs to Kelly’s line, “what did I say?”. Deliver the second clip with eye contact to the camera, lip-syncing, “I talk a LOT, so I’ve learned to just tune myself out.”

Here are some text overlay ideas for this trend: 

  • Me on an 8 am Zoom call with a client 
  • When I dropped a ton of inspiration at the team brainstorm. 

You can find more examples of this trend by searching #TuneMyselfOut or #ITalkALot, or check out how we participated in this trend above. 

Feb 13th 2023

TikTok Trends Feb 13th 2023 - Okay You Got Me There and Floating With Happiness Trends

1. Okay, You Got Me There


give me any subject but math

♬ original sound – Salamigulpgulp

What Is the “Okay, You Got Me There” Trend?

Popular TikTok audio often comes from movies, television shows, or big pop culture moments. However, sometimes it comes from niche corners of the Internet – like this Dhar Mann short film on YouTube. The soundbite states, “Okay, you got me there, but that is not a crime,” which TikTok users have adopted to relay being accused of something they admit to but isn’t that serious.

This trend is all about fessing up/ Have you got a confession you’d like to share with the world? The soundbite works best lip-synced, with added text that reveals your truth. The best revelations seem like dirty little secrets, but the kind that you could justify anytime because they’re not a crime.

How to Use This Trend

ofc I can draw hands how I would draw fingering otherwise #oc #bl

♬ original sound – urbaobeiyj – jiamin / yj 🤭‼️

As seen in the example above, this trend is perfect for revealing a creative hack, a surprising project approach, or getting something off your chest. 

Here are some potential text ideas you might consider for this trend: 

  • “Haven’t you been using that color palette for every project?” 
  • “You constantly make comic sans jokes”  
  • “When I complain that I’m tired, but my friend saw me scrolling on TikTok until 2 am.” 

Find more examples on TikTok by searching #OkayYouGotMeThere and #ThatIsNotACrime. 

2. Floating with Happiness 


We scroll TikTok for trends so you don’t have to 🤝 We will be updating our blog weekly with tips on how creatives can use trending sounds and formats so that your content can stay fresh and funky 🕺🏻 Bookmark the link in our bio to keep up to date! 🔗 #ContentCreator #Trends #TikTokTrends #WhatsTrending #TikTokGuide #TikTokTips

♬ original sound – Envato

What Is the “Floating with Happiness” Trend?

Getting good news can make it feel like you’re positively floating with happiness. Perhaps, your client has approved an output in the first round of feedback, or you’ve found the exact design tool or resource you’ve been looking for. The “Floating with Happiness”  trend is all about representing that elated feeling – literally!

This trend is short and sweet, which can be great for view-through and reach. The more people that finish your video, the better it will do in the algorithm. It’s essential to get the trend right and not rush it – you want to make it look as realistic as possible that you’re floating with happiness.

How to Use This Trend

The trend is typically shot in two parts. First, show you on your laptop slowly rising out of your chair, followed by a close-up of your feet rising from the ground. It may take a few goes to get right. For instance, our example (which we used to promote our TikTok trends blog series) may be only four seconds, but it took 54 attempts to capture (Note: this was essentially a core body workout for our TikTok guru, Hannah, who had to lift her feet off the floor that many times!). 

Typically, this trend uses Mozart’s Requiem K. 626 as the backing track, making it unusable if you’re on a business account. But not to worry – you can use the sound from our video, a commercially licensed version from Envato Elements

Here are some potential text overlay ideas for your video: 

  • “When a new client pays you on time” 
  • “When your design comes together perfectly”   
  • “When you find out your favorite designer followed you back on Instagram”.

Bonus Tip: This trend has been popular across both TikTok and Instagram Reels, so it’s great to film in CapCut and use it across your accounts! 

Feb 6th

TikTok Trends Feb 6th 2023 - Not Everything Can Be An Album Cover and Water With a Lemon Slice Trends
Envato’s TikTok Trends February 2023

1. Not Everything Can Be An Album Cover


I guess everything can be an album cover…

♬ original sound – emmie

What Is the “Not Everything Can Be An Album Cover” Trend?

Do you have a bank of behind-the-scenes footage related to your design process or creative projects? Then the ‘Not Everything Can Be An Album Cover’ trend is perfect for you!

As the name implies, this trend turns snippets from users’ videos into album covers, producing both hilarious and aesthetic results. While turning videos into album covers has been a massive TikTok trend for years, it’s trending again thanks to a newly released template featuring the trending TikTok sound “Money” by The Drums used in conjunction with the text overlay “proof that not everything can be an album cover” (Update: it can!). 

This trend starts with a statement that proves itself wrong for one reason: engagement. You’ll find lots of comments on videos using this template pointing out that it’s proof everything can be an album cover. Dig out videos on your phone and see the content goldmine you already have – the more unusual or visual the clips, the more fun it is for the viewers to imagine what kind of music would be on that album.

How to Use This Trend

This trend is great for showcasing BTS content of your business or creative process. Upload your footage into the CapCut template, and it will take a still from each clip and turn it into an album cover. You can edit your videos in the CapCut template to ensure it chooses the best. Here are some potential clips you could include for the trend: 

  • An over-the-shoulder shot of you working at your desk  
  • Taking photos on set
  • Printing out a final design 

Tip: Before you post, remember to add the trending music to your video in TikTok (your export from CapCut won’t pull it through!). 


Which album would you pick up? 🔥💿Made using Envato Elements stock videos 🎥 #CapCut #MadeWithEnvato

♬ Money by The Drums – ☆彡

See how we used this trend using stock videos from the Envato Elements library that make epic cover art. Find more examples on TikTok by searching #albumcover #noteverythingcanbeanalbumcover.

2. Water With A Lemon Slice 

What Is the “Water With A Lemon Slice” Trend?

Sound bites from the movie “Zoolander” are always making the rounds on TikTok, and this newly trending audio is all about setting the audience up for a surprise ending. The trend is formatted like an interview – think 73 Questions with Vogue – which prompts three incredibly similar answers contrasted with one very unexpected response. 

This trend is about the delivery and juxtaposition of the final answer. Take comedic inspiration from the line delivery in Zoolander, and give some dramatic flare to help the punchline land.

How to Use This Trend

Lip sync along to the answers section of the audio, as if someone behind the camera is asking you the questions, then overlay questions and answers related to your creative preferences. Ensure your answers are similar for the first three questions, and then go rogue when answering the final question. 

Here’s an idea to try: 

  • “What social media app do you like the most? Instagram. What social media app is best for building a network? Instagram. What social media app is best for creative inspiration? Instagram. What social media app do you spend all your time on? TikTok.”   

We used this trend to contrast the minimalism and maximalism design styles, adding visual cues to further our point. Find more examples on TikTok by searching #WaterWithALemonSlice #Zoolander. 

TikTok Trends – January 2023

Want to know what was trending on TikTok in Jan? Check out the hottest TikTok trends from January 2023 below.

1. Finn Wolfhard Snapping

What Is the “Finn Wolfhard Snapping” Trend?

Featuring a clip of actor Finn Wolfhard (known best for his role as Mike Wheeler from Stranger Things) walking toward the camera, snapping, and then smirking as his face is illuminated by lights, this trend went viral on TikTok as a green screen Capcut template in January 2023. It’s often used alongside jokes about a quick transition or something changing suddenly.

Who doesn’t love a good before and after comparison? This trend offers the opportunity to visually show a switch in aesthetic. It’s perfect for creatives to demonstrate the evolution of their work from beginner to pro or how their inspiration has changed over time. The bigger the visual difference, the more engaging the content!

How to Use This Trend

Here are some creative ideas for executing this trend on your own account: 

  • Show your design style when you were a beginner vs. now 
  • Show the visual difference between your past inspiration and your current inspiration 
  • Show a collage of your old favorite movies vs. your new favorite movies after finding a certain director (e.g. Wes Anderson) 

When you use the CapCut template and export the video back to TikTok, it will pull the audio through as an original sound. Remember to ‘Favorite’ the audio and add it back in before posting to make the most of the trend in the algorithm. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s how to use the Capcut template.

We used this trend to reveal how design trends switched randomly one day in 2021. Explore more examples to inspire your own using the TikTok hashtags #mikewheeler #finnwolfhard #clicking #snapping #capcut #onerandomday. 

2. Everybody Wants This 

What Is the “Everybody Wants This” Trend?

Originating from this iconic soundbite which features in the noughties blockbuster film The Devil Wears Prada, this trend certainly made its mark on TikTok throughout January. Creators used it to poke fun at life’s small inconveniences through the movie’s emotive, dramatic audio – it proved to be a fun and easy TikTok win.

Get your Miranda Priestly sass on with this The Devil Wears Prada sound bite that’s doing the rounds. The popular format is to lip sync the first line as a character existing happily, while the second line is delivered by a character using the Crying filter who thinks their way is better. Pick your niche for the text overlay, and look as disheveled as possible for clip #2!

How to Use This Trend

Here are some creative ideas for executing this trend on your own account: 

  • Show one creative using their favorite tool or resource, talking to another creative who purposefully goes without. 
  • Poke fun at your freelancing career, showing one creative working a 9-5 and another working at the weekend because they’re a freelancer. 
  • Feature one person with a super organized filing system talking to one person who is messy and frazzled. 

Unlimited downloads with customizable files, why do it any other way? 🤭 #EnvatoElements #GraphicDesign #DesignLife #EverybodyWantsThis #DevilWearsPrada

♬ original sound – vicmram

We used this trend to demonstrate how Envato Elements speeds up the design process for designers. For more inspiration, look up examples of how other brands and TikTokers are interpreting the trend using the TikTok hashtags #everybodywantsthis #devilwearsprada #dontberidiculous #thedevilwearsprada.

3. Oops Got Your Coping Skills 

What Is the “Oops Got Your Coping Skills” Trend?

This trend is fun, self-deprecating, and super easy to recreate. Originating from the voice effect from this video by TikTok user @mikaelaistired, millions of TikTok users have enlisted this trend to call out their own silly quirks and potentially unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

We all cope in our own special ways in this big bad world. This trending sound gives you a chance to share a ✨quirky ✨ coping skill you have. Think of the trend as a one-shot-win: grab an imaginary object towards the camera, hold it in your hands and reveal your ‘coping skill’ with edited text. Show your authenticity by disclosing a funny crutch, you might just find other users just like you in the comments.

How to Use This Trend

This trend is great for creating super relatable content for a certain niche – such as the pain points for freelance designers or digital marketers. Plus, all you have to do is film yourself, use the sound above, and add some text! Here are some coping skills you could use to execute this trend on your own account: 

  • Doom scrolling 
  • Melancholic playlists
  • A treat every time you remember to save your work 

See how we used this trend to call out the never-ending politeness of designers, and discover more examples using the TikTok hashtags #copingskills #coping #oops.

And that’s a wrap! Check back next week to find out the latest and greatest TikTok trends gracing our feeds. For more top TikTok content, read up on How to Use TikTok to Grow Your Brand or How to Develop a TikTok Marketing Strategy!

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