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Top 10 Logo Templates and Mockups to Level Up Your Brand

Want to create a logo that makes a lasting impact? Here are some of the top logo templates and mockups to take your branding to the next level.

Posted 8 Feb 2022
Logo Templates

Logos are the visual representation of your brand. They should convey professionalism, create interest, and give a taste of what your brand is all about. They’re tricky – but important – to get right. With the help of design templates, you don’t have to spend big for big impact and a professional finish. Read on to see how free logo templates can elevate your brand’s most important design feature.

What is a Logo?

It may seem rudimentary to define what a logo is, but it’s worth stating what we’re talking about. So, let’s start with the basics. Logos are a graphic symbol that represents your brand. They could be an abstract design (for example, Nike’s swoosh or Starbucks’ siren); a figurative design (think Apple and Target); your company’s name or an abbreviation of it (look to Google or the Facebook ‘F’); or a mix of any of these approaches (seen in MasterCard or Adidas’ dual name and icon logos). 

Why is Logo Design Important? 

Ultimately, logos exist to create a great first impression and be memorable to your customer. The key is being simple and flexible, but unique enough to be instantly recognizable and unmistakably aligned with your brand. To see what we mean, look to this round up of logo templates designed specifically for restaurants. It’s a lesson in making a logo both professional and, appropriately, appetizing. 

How to Design a Logo

There are a few golden rules on the technical side of things that it’s important to keep in mind when designing your logo. Your logo design should work in all kinds of situations, from icons on social media to printed billboards. Simple and clean is the way to go. 

As well as this, make sure you’re mindful with color choices, keep typography easy to read, and always make sure your resolution is high enough to scale and adjust. To go more in depth on these tips, take a look at our Guide to Logo Design. Or, with this guide on how to design a clothing brand logo, you can start thinking more about specific strategies for designing to suit your brand’s personality. 

And what about taking your logo to a whole new level? If you’ve wondered about animated logos, we have too – and we have you covered in this blog post.  But right now, let’s get into our wrap up of top 10 logo templates.

Top 10 Logo Templates and Mockups on Envato Elements

1. Logo Mockup by alienvalley

With four color options and the ability to adjust shadow opacity and color, this template contains a whole lot of customization in a simple design. Use it for every kind of logo, especially to introduce your brand or playfully highlight a collaboration.

2. Rocket Logo by maikohatta

If you’re after a personal or team logo, the Rocket Logo could be the one for you. This fun, cartoon-inspired design is fully editable with Adobe Illustrator features, and easy to adjust scale and play with colors.

3. Logo Mockup by ExplicitConcepts

With a moody background offset by striking gold text, this logo mockup from ExplicitConcepts is eye-catching and makes an immediate impact. If your brand is high end and lustrous, this one’s for you.  

4. Goddess Logo by gagavastard

This vector-based logo is easy to use and sleek in design. Channeling mythology and female power, use it for brands from fashion and lifestyle, to premium food and drink products.

5. Logo Mockup by sagesmask

Ideal for events, tech products or active lifestyle brands, this logo mockup by sagesmask is fun, quirky, and a little bit surprising. With a changeable background and paper colors, you make it your own with a few clicks.

6. Farm House Logo by 3ab2ou

If you have a brand with an eco-friendly angle, you need a logo that immediately conveys that to your audience. With this logo, you can say organic, wholesome and halcyon with just a glimpse of rolling hills and rising sun.

7. Logo Mockup by Morad

This logo mockup says slick, stylish and on-trend with a high resolution and photo-based design. Great for luxury travel, premium jewelry and accessory brands, or even real estate, this design is subtle but compelling.

8. A Logo by Vackground 

For those confident about setting their brand apart from the competition, a lettermark logo is a powerful choice. There’s nowhere to hide with this modern and abstract A design, but with risk comes reward – and this kind of logo design can knock it out of the park.

9. Logo Mockup by Morad

A little bit old school and a lot of style, this design from Morad is ideal for bars and restaurants or products with a bit of lumberjack-chic aesthetic – think beard oils, leatherware or boots. It’s also easy to edit and ready-to-go in organized layers.

10. Logo Mockup by ExplicitConcepts

In a similar vein, this logo mockup design from ExplicitConcepts takes the same idea further with a super realistic wood background. With the logo debossed in a style evoking real etching, it will take your logo mockup to the next level. 

For more templates and creative assets, head over to Envato Elements and start browsing. With a monthly or yearly subscription, you’ll have unlimited downloads to make your projects the best they can be.For even more design inspiration, as well as the latest tips, tricks and advice from experts, don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel.

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