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Top 10 Photo Slideshow Templates for Premiere Pro 2020

A slideshow template is a really versatile choice for displaying photo, video and text. Find a slideshow for your Premiere Pro project.

Posted 21 Apr 2020
Best Premiere Pro Templates

When you’d like to display your content using video, it can be hard to know where to start. A slideshow Premiere Pro template is a really versatile choice because they allow you to work with mix of photo, video and text, which suits a wide range of projects.

Using a template means you can drop your media into a professional, pre-made set of slides with animations and transitions all ready to go. If you’re a beginner to Premiere Pro, then it’s as simple as dragging and dropping in your content, then rendering. Professionals also make use of templates too, as depending on skill levels, you can really dig down to customize templates and make them fit with your project or brand, which also means you can keep using the same templates and have them still look fresh.

Creating a Slideshow with Premiere Pro

Since the addition of the Essential Graphics panel, there’s so much more you can do in Premiere Pro, without needing to dip into After Effects. Premiere Pro is a great, non-linear editing system, which means you can jump around your project making changes without altering your original footage; it’s non-destructive.

Like most Adobe software, Premier Pro is quite instinctive, so even beginners can easily find their way around basic edits, and working with a professional starting point like a template is a useful way to help build and strengthen your skills.

Selecting a Template For Your Slideshow

Knowing the look you want is a great start for selecting the template that’s right for you. If you’re creating a corporate slideshow for example, it will likely require a different look and feel than if you were making a slideshow for a family event. Searching for keywords will help you narrow down your choices and find something that fits your project.

All the items featured below are available as part of a subscription to Envato Elements.

10. Creative Slideshow by mdlabsdesign

This is an easy-to-use slideshow template for Premiere Pro that makes use of funky grunge and glitch effects. The pace is quite fast, so it would really suit upbeat projects, and the design is clean and simple with a splash of color across subtext placeholders.

9. Warp Slideshow by Proskurovskiy

If you’re looking for something with a clean and minimal look, then give this slideshow template a try. As you might guess from the title, it makes use of a cool ‘warp’ effect – just enough movement to add visual interest without distracting from your content!

8. Digital Slideshow by kalinichev

Hi-Tech and futuristic is the tone for this Adobe Premiere Pro video slideshow template. If you have a tech channel on YouTube, or you want to create something with a sci-fi feel, then you’ll love this template. The free font used is included and you won’t need any additional plugins either.

7. Education Slideshow by TranSMaxX

Create a professional slideshow with smooth animation, themed around education or graduation with this template for Premiere Pro. There’s plenty of room for both video and photo content, as well as text placeholders to add titles and additional information if you need to.

6. Family Slideshow by MotionMediaGroup

There are four versions included in this download, from short to extra-long, meaning you can create a special family slideshow for every occasion. The pace is slow and romantic, so this would particularly suit wedding slideshows or anniversary celebrations.

5. Vintage Slideshow by motionshape

Vintage styles are really on trend and this Premiere Pro project uses light leaks, flicker, and dust and scratch effects to create a memorable slideshow template with a historical timeline. Just add photos and change the text.

4. Digital Slideshow by Power_Bank

With nine placeholders for your video or photo content, Digital Slideshow for Premiere Pro would suit many projects. It’s a quick and smooth animated opener and you won’t need any plugins to use it. There’s even a video tutorial included in case you need a helping hand.

3. Future Slideshow by Zorrin

Dynamic and high-energy, this video slideshow template is a great way to express yourself. It has a whopping 50 placeholders for your media, another 25 for text, and each slide creatively transitions into the next. Try it for corporate presentations, company broadcasts, promotions, and more.

2. Inspire Slideshow by Quarz

A simple and well-organized project for Premiere Pro, the Inspire Slideshow includes a variety of wipes to move from slide to slide, with full color control and the ability to make changes directly in Premiere Pro.

1. Digital Slideshow by NobleMetal

Just drop your media into the template, add audio and hit render! Digital Slideshow couldn’t be simpler, and with geometric shapes to add interest it’s bound to be a fast favorite. There are plenty of placeholders for your media and text, and even a video tutorial included in case you get stuck.

Hopefully we’ve given you some food for thought with this template selection. If you’d like to see more inspiration, head over to Envato Elements, where you can explore our slideshow templates for Premiere Pro. For the best Premiere Pro templates, or a selection of free Premiere Pro templates, check out our roundups on the Envato Blog.

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