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Top 10 Best YouTube End Screen Templates 2021

Maximise the impact of the final moments of your YouTube video with an end screen template that will keep viewers on your channel.

Posted 9 Feb 2021
10 Best YouTube EndScreen Templates

Don’t let your audience engagement end when your YouTube video does! During the last five to 20 seconds of your video, you can suggest related videos, place calls to action or links, and encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel, all with a YouTube end screen template.

To help you make the most of the final seconds of your next video, we’ve compiled this list of the 10 best YouTube End Screen templates for 2021. All the items in this video are available with a subscription to Envato Elements.

What Are YouTube End Screen Templates?

A YouTube end screen template is a motion graphic created in editing software like After Effects, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro and so on. They automate the design of your end screen and give you a placeholder at the end of your videos to be able to include personal branding like logos, links to your social accounts and encouragement to subscribe to your channel.

How to Add an End Screen on YouTube

If you want to add end screens to your videos, YouTube makes it so easy. In YouTube Studio, just head to the Videos page and choose a video, then select Editor and add an end screen. If you’re uploading a new video then you’ll have the option to add an end card once it’s processed.

The content that makes up your end screen is known as elements. You can add up to four of these and customize them really easily by applying templates, and deciding where they should be placed within your video.

The most effective end screens will help you to promote your YouTube channel and grow it – and your other social channels – by inspiring people to subscribe and view your related content. Great end screens will be uncluttered, have clear, relevant messaging and be completely on-brand.

When you’re creating a new end screen, it’s wise to keep an eye on current video trends so that you can nail things like popular colors and YouTube music.

Best YouTube End Screen Templates 2021

Professionally designed YouTube end screen templates really help to take the stress out of creating something yourself from scratch. Here, we’ve put together 10 of the best from Envato Elements.

As an Elements subscriber, you can download thousands of motion graphics templates including YouTube openers, lower thirds, and transitions, plus stock photography, stock footage, and graphic design templates.

Discover more and sign up today.

10. YouTube EndScreens 4K v.1 – MOGRT by kalinichev

Brightly colored and fun, these YouTube end screen templates for Premiere Pro will certainly grab the attention of your viewers. They feature a ‘like and subscribe’ button as well as room for links to other social channels.

9. YouTube End Screen Set 2 by Film-24

Another bright and cheerful set of templates, this time for After Effects – with plenty of space for your information, ‘recommended’, and ‘next’ videos.

8. YouTube End Screen | Essential Graphics by Film-24

This is a nice minimalistic design for your YouTube end screen. Featuring predominantly black, grey and white with a splash of color on ‘subscribe’, it would fit those brands with a more serious, commercial edge.

7. Sweet Youtube End Screens by Flatmotion

These cute, candy-color end screens for After Effects would suit influencers with a positive and bubbly personality. They would also be great for sweet treat accounts like bakers!

6. YouTube End Screens | FCPX by BoxOfMotion

Made for Final Cut Pro, these YouTube end screen templates are sophisticated and professional, with a range of animation styles to choose from.

5. YouTube Promo Toolkit by NinjaTeam

This is a one-stop-shop for YouTube promotion. Made for After Effects, this comprehensive pack includes buttons, lower thirds, end screens, transitions and much more.

4. YouTube End Screens Vol.4 | After Effects by Graphiqa

Five multi-purpose After Effects templates for YouTube that would suit channels from gaming to online marketing. You won’t need any plugins to use these and there’s full color control.

3. Youtube Pack – MOGRTs for Premiere & Extension Tool by Premiumilk

A motion graphic pack for Premiere Pro featuring notification animations, subscribe buttons, end screens and more. This pack has everything you could need for your YouTube channel.

2. Trap Youtube – Like Share Subscribe by Fox-Design

An energetically animated After Effects YouTube template featuring five text placeholders and one for your logo. With its unique style and funky animation, your YouTube end screen will never have looked so good!

1. YouTube Subscribe by templatesbravo

Try this YouTube end screen to grow your audience! Made for Premiere Pro, as well as end cards it also has lower thirds and subscribe animations. Sound effects are included too and you won’t need any plugins to use the templates.

Best YouTube End Screen Templates 2020

Want more where that came from? Check out our YouTube top end screen templates of the last year…

10. YouTube End Screens by templatesbravo

This smooth, modern template features gooey ellipses, gradients, and fresh white backgrounds. It comes with a number of YouTube end screen options, featuring placeholders for your avatars, suggested videos, and CTAs. The colors are customizable, and being a Premiere Pro template, you can adjust them without needing to open After Effects.

9. YouTube Kit by Media_Stock

Featuring a number of end screen templates where you can customize the background colors and images, YouTube Kit by Media_Stock caters for a broad range of styles. Adjust the positions of your avatar and suggested videos on your preferred end screen layout. Some of the templates include elements like arrows that animate to guide the viewer towards what they should click next.

8. The YouTuber Pack 3.0 – Final Cut Pro X, After Effects, Premiere Pro by digitalproducts669

This versatile set of templates by digitalproducts669 offers stylish placeholders for social media handles, and the ability to easily edit colors, and add animated patterns. With its unique library of pre-made templates, this pack will have something that will make your suggested videos, social media handles, and CTAs standout as your videos come to a close.

7. Youtuber Subscribe Pack by Gioraphics

Bright, playful, and modern, Youtuber Subscribe Pack by Gioraphics includes opener, subscribe, and end screen templates. The end screen templates are bright, simple, and animated with playful shapes, clean backgrounds, and animated outlines that appear around the suggested video placeholders, to capture the attention of the viewer. Simply add your media to the placeholders, and end your YouTube videos in a modern and professional way.

6. YouTube Subscribe by templatesbravo

Covering all aspects of a YouTube channel, YouTube Subscribe by templatesbravo is a comprehensive pack of Premiere Pro templates. It features subscribe animations, social media themed lower thirds, and end screen templates, so you can create personalized on screen graphics that are on brand. Out of the box the end screen templates include pastel pink color schemes, soft drop shadows behind video placeholders, and gooey animated ellipses that hero your channel avatar. The pack also includes text placeholders to add CTAs, and your social media handles.

5. YouTube Kit by NinjaTeam

YouTube Kit by NinjaTeam is a collection of YouTube templates that offer pre-made backgrounds, patterns, and images that are all bright and playful. Their end screens include red placeholders for like, share, and other CTAs. It’s functional, straightforward, and screams YouTube.

4. YouTuber Kit | Universal by Red_Case

If you’re running an energetic YouTube channel, YouTuber Kit by Red_Case is the template pack for you. Modern and slick, it features end screens that include video placeholders flipping into position on screen, and landing on an angle. Insert your logos, social media handles, and a CTA, and you’re good to go.

3. YouTube Channel Kit by MotionMediaGroup

This bright and playful YouTube channel package offers a lot for a single concept. Featuring splashes of animated paint, it fills the screen with color, creating transitions, patterns, and backgrounds. The end screens offer a number of layouts providing space for suggested videos, avatars, and CTAs.

2. YouTube Essentials for Final Cut Pro and After Effects by vystina

With versions for After Effects and Final Cut Pro, YouTube Essentials by Vystina is a simple, comprehensive set, fit for any YouTuber. It includes logo reveals, lower thirds, and end screens that feature space for social media handles, and CTAs in these simple and streamlined designs.

1. YouTuber Kit | Classic by Red_Case

Finally, featuring soft but clear fonts, rounded rectangles, and editable colors, this beautifully simple pack by Red_Case gives you everything you need for your YouTube channel. It includes a number of bright and playful end screen options, allowing for up to three video placeholders, CTAs, and social handles. It also includes beautiful lower thirds and backgrounds in the pack.

If your appetite has been whetted for more great YouTube content, try some of our favorite YouTube Templates for Premiere Pro. Envato Elements has all the items we’ve listed today and more, included in a monthly subscription. Get everything you need for your creative projects in one place.

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