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Top 10 YouTube Fashion Templates for Premiere Pro 2020

Whether you’re doing a low-fi vlog, or a high quality piece of video marketing, your video content is a product of your brand, and that brand is something you need to establish visually.

Posted 1 Feb 2020
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Since the beginning of YouTube, fashion videos have been a staple. From vlogs to red carpet montages and product videos, fashion is an industry that has almost always been represented on the platform.

But, as the years have passed, a couple of things have changed. Videos have become easier to create, thanks to smartphones, while simultaneously the kind of production value viewers expect has risen.

With YouTube especially, a platform where subscribers are key, you need to build a returning audience that connects with your unique brand of content. To do that, you need to clearly communicate who you are at every opportunity you get. Fashion video templates for Premiere Pro are a great way to ensure your YouTube content is consistent and on brand.

Video Templates for Premiere Pro

Video templates are a tool that makes it easy to insert and automate impressive motion graphics, titles, lower thirds, slideshows, and more, into your videos. Usually, these templates need to be edited using motion graphics software like After Effects. However, Premiere Pro templates have changed that.

Premiere Pro templates are converted After Effects templates that allow you to edit motion graphics directly in Adobe’s video editing software. And, as you’ll see with some of the templates we’ll show you in this post, you can insert media, like photos and videos, text, and logos into these templates, and use them to lift the production value of your videos effortlessly.

This is our list of the 10 best YouTube fashion templates for Premiere Pro.

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10. Dynamic Fashion Promo for – Premiere Pro by REDVFX

With beautiful, clean transitions, text and logo placeholders, zoom effects, and more, Dynamic Fashion Promo for – Premiere Pro by REDVFX is a fast moving template that will impress your followers. It can work well as a YouTube pre-roll ad, paid social media post, or opener for a vlog or YouTube video.

9. Fashion Style by efline

Switching energetically from one creative layout to the next, this engaging template has a commanding sense of style. The cinematic template is perfect as an opener for a video or TV show, a short product showcase, or brand promo that can sit on your YouTube channel page, or work as a YouTube pre-roll ad.

8. Fashion Zone by Media_Stock

With 16 image and video placeholders, and 12 text placeholders, this beautiful, colorful template is modern, fresh, and bright. It’s easy to customize your content, using the drag and drop functionality, and the template will help to establish your brand in a stylish, glamorous way. Great for ads, openers, and channel promos.

7. My Style // Fashion Promo by Proskurovskiy

This bold template features eye-popping transitions, stylish text placeholders, and a modern, fast-paced feel. Engaging the eye at all times, it’s a good fit for showcasing photography or video, and can work well as a quick ad, montage, or video opener. It’s an good template for a fashion brand.

6. The Fashion by JoeProduction

The Fashion by JoeProduction is a fresh and vivid template that glides through a slideshow of photos and videos, creatively showcasing copy with a unique collection of text placeholders. With creative layouts, and subtle filters applied to each video placeholders–from blurring, glitch effects, and lense flares–it’s soft, smooth, and beautiful.

5. Fashion Slideshow by Zorrin

Establishing a vibe similar to that of a Sophia Coppola film, Fashion Slideshow by Zorrin mixes your visual content with bold yellow text, color and black and white overlays, and glitch effects. It’s a stunning, out of the box package that works well with vintage styles.

4. Fashion Slideshow by mdlabdesign

This template by mdlabdesign combines your photography or footage with text and layouts to ensure the final video is colorful and vivid. The text placeholders and objects feel like they’re a part of the footage, as the perspective rotates around. It makes for an incredibly smooth viewing experience that would be suitable for a slideshow or montage for a catalogue or brand.

3. Urban Fashion Opener by vals_valley

Across YouTube and Instagram, fashion vlogging is gradually going vertical, as more people create videos with their smartphones. You may want to include an opener, ad, or quick montage that’s fit for that screen rotation. If so, Urban Fashion Opener by vals_valley is a great option. With bright elements, including text placeholders and shapes, black and white overlays on the images, and a chic grittiness, it’s perfect for streetwear brands.

2. Fashion Opener by Proskurovskiy

If you’re creating a street style lookbook, or fashion week montage then this template is a fantastic option for you. Fashion Opener by Proskurovskiy uses bright colors, high color contrast, and would pair well with an urban track. It’s cool, quick, and trendy, making it a crisp channel showcase, or ad for YouTube.

1. Fashion Opener by efline

Finally, if you’re looking for a quick showcase of videos or images that’s smooth, elegant, and fast-paced, Fashion Opener by efline is for you. It’s purpose-built for Premiere Pro, and mixes text and footage in an interesting, eye-catching way. The end result is extremely high quality, and will impress any viewer of your video.

Quickly and effectively communicating your brand via video helps prospective customers understand and connect with it. Whether it’s the colors you’re using, the types of effects applied to your images, or even the font selected for the text placeholders, motion graphics templates ensure your video is unique and engaging. And it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can download all the video templates featured in this post with a subscription to Envato Elements, or get free Premiere Pro templates from Mixkit.

And don’t forget to check out more of our video content via the Envato YouTube channel. It’s your one-stop-shop for the latest videos on all things trending in the world of creative assets.

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