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10 Best YouTube Music Tracks for 2019

If you want your YouTube video to come together in a cohesive way, a high quality stock music track could be key.

Posted 22 Nov 2019
Youtube Music Tracks

Each video platform requires a different level of production value, and YouTube arguably prefers the highest. That makes it a challenge for creators to keep up with the pace of releasing videos that are of exceptional quality. But, one element that can improve the perception of your video is music.

High quality stock music can communicate the mood of your video, make it feel fresh, classy, serious, and much more. It can also be incredibly practical, covering up possible cuts in your voiceover, and tie your video together in a cohesive way. Here’s our selection of the 10 best YouTube music tracks for 2019.

10. Hip Hop Travel Vlog by guitarsstate

Featuring a delightful mix of horns, glitchy vocal samples, and a funky percussion line, Hip Hop Travel Vlog by guitarsstate is irresistibly fresh. It toes the line with being modern and accessible, and will add a sunny flare to your video. It’s a great choice for an urban montage of skateboarding, a travel or road trip video, and even over end credits, or a YouTube subscribe page.

9. Chill House by FortyTwoStudio

Featuring a relaxing mix of glistening electronic lines, a crispy dance drum pattern, and a synth saxophone solo, Chill House by FortyTwoStudio is fit for summer. No matter where you’re listening to it, this track will transport you to a tropical beach party setting with its fresh, bright, and modern sound.

8. EDM Fitness Motivation by LoopsLab ​

Gloriously energetic, EDM Fitness Motivation by LoopsLab lives up to its name as the perfect pairing for a video about fitness. Great for an ad or montage promoting a gym, and a good fit for extreme sports, the song’s punch beat, and gritty lead synth line ramp up and release like a slingshot. In short, it will get anyone watching your video pumped.

7. Technology by kornevmusic​

If you have a futuristic racing scene or laser tag montage that needs some music, I think this is the track for you. Technology by kornevmusic is made to be married with an action montage of some sort. Fast-paced and energetic, it’s an excellent companion to a fast moving video.

6.Fashion Vlog by Enrize​

Doing a video about fashion? Then the aptly titled Fashion Vlog by Enrize is an easy choice. A perfect partner for footage of runways, red carpets, or even makeup tutorials, this modern electronic features a contagious dance beat, combined with the occasional embellishment of glittering chimes that will add glamour to any video.

5. Happy Travels by Antarctic​

Ready to go on a road trip? After hearing this track, you certainly will be. Happy Travels by Antarctic generates images of surfboards and suitcases strapped to the roof of a station wagon that’s headed to the nearest beach town. It’s bursting with positivity, and a sense of adventure. It would also make a great companion to a makeup tutorial, or DIY vlog.

4. EDM Adventure by LoopsLab​

The musical equivalent of a can of Red Bull, EDM Adventure by LoopsLab will chew you up in its opening seconds, and spit you out as one pumped up individual. An excellent choice for club or festival promos, gaming videos, or even fast-paced extreme sports videos, this one will have viewers of all stripes fist-bumping.

3. Upbeat by Sophonic​

Bubbly, and friendly, Ubeat by Sophonic features cheerful acoustic guitar, and tinkling melodies that will distract viewers momentarily from the troubles of the world. Great for cooking, arts and crafts, and kids videos, your content will radiate brightness with this track.

2. Music For YouTube by Enrize​

Music for YouTube by Enrize is a bubbly, synth-based track, and is perfect for accompanying a technology, education, or corporate video. This soothing electronic piece feels modern, but not alienating, and will actually warm up any video, while also feeling futuristic.

1. Vlog Master by LoopsLab​

Finally, Vlog Master by LoopsLab feels quintessentially YouTube. Featuring a driving deep synth, crisp drum patterns, and glitchy elements, this track is as if Casey Neistat, Dude Perfect, and Pewdiepie were combined into one piece of music. Perfect for gaming videos, unboxings, extreme sports, and traveling videos, this track will make you feel like an official YouTuber.

From kids videos to corporate videos, this list has you covered, and we have thousands more tracks available on Envato Elements. Sign up for a subscription, and sift through some of the highest quality royalty-free stock audio you’ll find around. We’ve also shared an article focusing specifically on cinematic music tracks, which is an excellent follow-up read! And don’t miss out on our upcoming video content by subscribing to the Envato YouTube channel.

Or for more creative inspiration, head over to the Envato Blog to read up on the latest trendstipsinterviews and roundups

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