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The Top 20 Music Video Fonts for Your Music Project

Looking for an eye-catching music video font? Check out this rockin' selection of music video fonts for your next music project...

Posted 17 Nov 2021
Music Video Fonts

Music truly makes the world go round. But when it comes to creating an engaging music video or music project, the overall aesthetic is what brings your sound to life – and fonts are a big part of that. Most people are greatly influenced by visual stimuli, so while you may have a unique sound – without the right look to accompany it – you might be missing out on listeners. 

How To Choose a Font For Your Music Video

So, what’s the right look, you ask? Music genres have a very defined style and feel, and it’s about finding what works with your music project as well as considering current font trends. In this post, you’ll find music video fonts from Envato Elements for five top music genres: indie, country, hip-hop, pop, and punk rock.

How to Make a Lyric Video

One kind of music video where the text is centre stage is the lyric video. And we’re not only talking about fan and unofficial videos (although they form a big part of this type of media). Back in the day, a lyric video was a comparatively cheap music video option for independent artists. In fact, Prince is widely credited as having the first with his video for the 1987 song Sign o’ the Times

So, let’s lower the needle and start spinning! Here are 20 of the top music video fonts on Envato Elements to make your music project pop…

 Indie Music Fonts

Derived from the word independent and less chained to commercial success, indie music is known for creating interest and pushing boundaries. The word indie has also come to describe an entire look, an attitude, and a preference for the alternative. In strictly music terms, it draws on a variety of other styles including pop, rock, punk and blues.

1. Silk Remington Typewriter Font by Jadugar Design Studio

Speaking of drawing inspiration from what’s come before, this first font does just that. It’s the ideal old-school font with the feel of a real typewriter. It comes in five weights, from thin through to rough bold.

2. Leah Graviota by august10

For something that you can make completely your own, a font like Leah Graviota is perfect. It’s a hand drawn font featuring natural strokes with bold, outline, serif and sans serif types included – so you can make your own bespoke style.

3. Moscato Script by factory738

This one is another handwritten font, but of the more dapper variety. Providing a personal touch with a slightly more refined style, it’s well suited to a music project with a fashion angle.

4. Rainy Days by Annalvanir

For something playful, this next one is a charming, splodgy font style handmade with black Indian ink. It also comes with the ink drops elements as AI CS and EPS10 files, so you can easily re-create a handcrafted feel.

Country Music Fonts

Widely synonymous with love, hate, bars, pick-up trucks, horses and guitar strings, country music captures hearts. Think banjos, harmonicas, and heart-tugging vocals – country music is for bringing out emotions. And it’s now traversed its way into crossovers with pop, rock and even hip hop (for example, Lil Nas X, who’s recently brought the fusion genre of country rap into the 2020s). 

1. Country Font Duo by saltandpepperdesigns

Harnessing all the sweet and sugary energy of the genre, Country Font Duo can be used across Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator, and even in Microsoft Word. It’s delicate, feminine, and great for telling a story.

2. Ropstone Typeface by graptailstudio

On the more vintage side of country inspiration, this font is reminiscent of swinging saloon doors, boot spurs and lucky horseshoes. With a look of classic film posters or product advertisements, this vintage style is both fun and refined.

3. Kanaboy by alit_design

Taking a similar approach and harnessing old Western film inspiration, this font has a slick, polished finish. With embellishments suggestive of intricate wood carvings, it’s a clear winner for using across invitations, pull quotes or posters as well as your music video.

4. Broky Typeface by jiwstudio

Bringing country into the world of modern design, this font is bold and chunky with an artful touch. It features a shadow as well as stylistic alternates that mean you can mix and match letters for a truly eye-catching design.

Hip Hop Fonts

The hip hop subculture isn’t just about music – it’s a cultural and art movement borne from social struggles, race and class divides that have defined the different eras and geographies of the sounds. Encompassing djing, rapping, graffiti art and breakdancing, hip hop originated in New York City, but now accounts for a global music movement and many cultural translations.

1. Burnts Maker by celciusdesigns

This first of our hip hop fonts is one that takes graffiti art and street fashion styles and recreates them in text form. Sweeping brush strokes and a mix of sharp edges and loping curves contrast to make a brilliantly impactful font.

2. Spacethink Typeface by giemons

With a similarly street-art aesthetic, this font uses a slightly more subtle approach that evokes a cinematic feel. Now updated to include Spacethink Rough, it’s ready for your music videos, and your gig promotions or album covers to go alongside.

3. Midnight Rider by dafeld

This script font includes over 300 glyphs, stylistic alternates for both uppercase and lowercase, and for a final touch, Midnight Rider Swashes. It has a hint of ‘80s grunge aesthetic, perfectly suited to art-inspired projects.

4. Urban Black by Subectype

Designed with logotypes in mind, our last font for this genre is an urban style that can carry across all your graphic design elements – from signs to headlines, badges to logos.

Pop Music Fonts

Perhaps the most wide-ranging of the genres, pop music has become a hard one to define. It borrows from every music genre out there, bringing bits and pieces together in a tried and tested formula with mass appeal. It’s all about following and exploring trends, rather than defining or challenging them.

1. Selfish Font by SmartDesigns_eu

This handmade font has a handwritten feel, but evokes less paint swashes and more of a crisp whiteboard marker look. It’s playful and relaxed, and perfect for titles especially.

2. Swashington by WalcottFonts

On the other hand is a swanky serif font rich in swash and ligature variants, evocative of the café society, bright young things of New York City. The 20th century feel makes it great for design of all kinds, and especially for adding flair.

3. Cherie Bomb by dafeld

With all the punk attitude of the ‘90s music and arts scene, this is a handmade brush font with personality of its own. With more than 350 characters it’s practical across languages, too.

4. Austral sans by antipixel

This font is for lovers of classic, luxurious magazine design. Subtle irregularities and slightly crooked outlines give it a textural feel, while maintaining a cosy Scandinavian pop aesthetic.

Rock & Punk Fonts

Rock and punk account for too many subgenres to name, and the aesthetics and styles are equally wide ranging and tricky to define. But, rock and punk are all about intense feeling and in many cases letting go of control. So from black death metal to blues and folk rock, let’s take a look at what this could mean for fonts.

1. Fake Empire Font by simonok

Embracing the ‘rip it all up’ attitude of anti-establishment rock, Fake Empire takes a collage approach to create an impactful look that celebrates its crude design. With a high level of detail, it’s best used as the showpiece.

2. Rhinos Rocks Brush Font by LeoSupply

Rhinos Rocks is another high-impact option, great for saying it loud. In regular and slanted versions, and with swashes to add interest, it’s perfect for energetic rock projects.

3. Punk Love Font Duo by saltandpepperdesigns

For something more towards the grunge end of rock, this is a layered font that’s fun, retro and a little bit different. Use it for everything from logo design to video marketing, as well as your music video.

4. Zombie Punks by wingsart

Our last one calls itself a “killer brush font” and that essentially sums up what it’s all about. This retro horror movie font uses a hand drawn brush style complete with underlines and paint spills, and brings to mind cult horror films, album covers and books.

If you’re feeling inspired with your sounds and some of these fonts, go even further by incorporating simple animations into your music videos. Start exploring hundreds of motion graphics templates in the Envato Elements library. With a monthly or yearly subscription, you’ll have unlimited downloads – just head over to Envato Elements to subscribe and start browsing. And to keep up-to-date with design trends, templates, tips and more, don’t forget to subscribe to the Envato YouTube channel.

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