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Top ‘Coming Soon’ and ‘Under Construction’ Website Templates

Discover the benefits of publishing a temporary 'under construction' web page and get inspired by the best 'coming soon' website templates.

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Posted 30 Mar 2017
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So, you’ve registered a domain, and you’re putting the finishing touches on your website. But, it’s going to be while before your masterpiece is ready to go live. Now what?

Well, now you have the chance to make art out of being stuck in the in-between with an  “Under Construction” or “Coming Soon” web page template. While you’re busy completing your app, eCommerce store, or personal portfolio, a temporary placeholder web page can provide many useful benefits including:

  • Create marketing buzz and help promote your product, app, company, or personal brand.
  • Drive people to your mailing list, and acquire subscribers
  • House a visual countdown clock, informing users when to expect your full site or product to be available.
  • Help establish an SEO foothold for your brand, and some keywords associated.
  • Promote your social media feeds and increase your number of followers.
  • Provide a contact form to make it easier to receive feedback, or to network and make connections with your audience.

‘Coming Soon’ Website Templates

Don’t settle for a simple “Under Construction” template when you could use one of these to really get customers talking!

We invited our community to share their favorite Under Construction HTML templates, and curated this list of some of the best.

9. Blum – Responsive Coming Soon Template by Erilisdesign

This is a creative, modern, and vibrant “coming soon” template, and is well-crafted using the perfect combination of the right colors, and fonts. It also comes in multiple variants – gradient, solid, video etc. It’s perfect for any kind of website.

8. Coming Soon Teaser HTML Template | 10 Unique Demos by svencreations

It’s minimal, unique and creative. The demos are original, and unique from each other. Check out “Envato Turns 10” and “God Loves You” to see what can be made with this template. The possibilities are endless.

7. PURE – Sublime Coming Soon Template by Madeon08

PURE is one of our favorite “coming soon” templates, simply because of its sleek design, and the several available scrolling effects. This could be the template you’ve been looking for to make your website unique and spectacular.

A perfect “coming soon” template for any professional freelancer or agency. It comes with a dark, stylized, corporate theme with bold typography and subtle use of color.This page could say “New Website: Coming Soon” and the strong template would speak for itself.

UkieWatch takes “under construction” to another level with no less than thirteen super cute, and attractive construction animations to entertain visitors. The pixel perfect animations not only capture the visitor’s attention, but hopefully provide a memorable experience.

The design work throughout Beavis is really impressive. The variety across each demo showcases some really unique design elements in the layout.

It’s a classic template with over six hundred sales to date. It’s simple, clean and minimal and recently updated with a lot of variants.

Strong typography is such a strong factor in this design. It has a unique style, and layout, and the accented colors are something special.

1. Firetime by mivfx

Firetime is a responsive “coming soon” HTML5 landing page template. Designed to be mobile friendly, this cool “under construction” page has a very modern and trendy design built for those who want future-proof website design.

This is just a small sample of an ever-growing library of under construction and launch pages. Discover our top selling under construction templates on Envato Market and Envato Elements.

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