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Top 20 Creative Portfolio Templates to Make Your Design Projects Shine

Want to make your design projects stand out from the crowd? Here are some of the most creative portfolio templates to make your work shine...

Posted 21 Feb 2022
Top 20 Creative Portfolio Templates on Envato Elements

Curating your work into one neat package can be a daunting task for designers, brands and creators alike. With a large and competitive market, creating the right portfolio is important to stand out and land that all-important job or client. So, exactly what is a portfolio? and how do you create a killer portfolio that stands out among the rest? 

What is a Portfolio?

Portfolios are the bread-and-butter for creatives showcasing their work to potential employers, clients or customers. While print portfolios still exist and can be handy, having an online portfolio is crucial for today’s industry. Digital portfolios allow you to apply amazing features that aren’t possible with print, and are much easier to navigate. You can also find print templates for portfolio design, including photography portfolios, if you prefer.

How to Create a Portfolio

When making a portfolio, remember to plan what you want to achieve, curate only your best work and personalize it to your style and personality.  Portfolios all need one thing—to make an impact and a great first impression. Showing clients the best of your work, building trust that your work is consistent, and sharing insight on your creative process and skills as a designer. 

Portfolios are just like resumes, and can be easily created using templates that bring focus to outstanding work and showcase your creativity, commitment and creative process. Whether you’re starting from scratch, creating a mockup design for a potential client or want to amplify your existing portfolio, we are here to help. Our team has put together a list of top creative portfolio design templates that are dynamic and easy-to-use.

Top 20 Creative Portfolio Templates on Envato Elements

Ready to make your designs and creative projects shine? Here are some of the most creative portfolio templates to try…

1. Lonest Photography Portfolio by flowless

The perfect photography portfolio template should let your images speak for themselves. The Lonest template is minimalist and articulate, centering your images and telling a clear story.

2. Creative Portfolio Template by alhaytar

Creative brochure templates are a great foundation for a range of projects, because of their versatility and customizable features. Perfect for lookbooks, interior design catalogs, product catalogs and more. Simply apply your images and text—then print!

3. TETRAS Creative Portfolio by blancalab

The Tetras template is a bespoke photography layout with the professional photographer or agency  in mind. Representing sophistication, simplicity and the design principles of contrast, balance and emphasis.

4. Graphic Design Portfolio Template by adekfotografia

Graphic design is a competitive industry, and professionals need easy and attractive design templates to speed their work flow and showcase their talent. This template has a simple drag and drop option plus the flexibility to print or use in an email and PDF format.

5. Oyster Fashion Design Portfolio by flowless

Stay in vogue and build your dream fashion portfolio with this simple yet modern design template, made by experts for fashion. Create your next mood board or lookbook with bold fonts, muted tones and a stylish layout.

6. Holo – Creative Portfolio PSD Template by TexTheme

Thinking of building your portfolio in Photoshop? Then do it with ease and check out this especially designed template made for PSD. Using a pre-made asset means you spend more time creating and less time building designs from scratch.

7. Creative Portfolio Templates by andrewtimothy

Taking on a new client? Then take  your work to the next level and use a professionally built template. Creative templates help build visual assets that make client onboarding more accessible. Professional portfolios enhance existing work and build authority in the industry.

8. Creative Studio Portfolio Landscape by Kahuna_Design

Some say life is a landscape, so who says your portfolio can’t be? Using this landscape portfolio template will set you apart and present clients with an amazing picture of your work.

9. Dope – Creative Photography Portfolio PSD Template by wwwebinvader

Looking for a clean design template that is compatible with Photoshop? then look no further. Get the right response with the creative photography template. It is an easy and effective way to share your work with clients.

10. HEUZIA Creative Agency Portfolio Brochures by RahardiCreative

High-quality brochures are essential for any business and our top architecture portfolio template is guaranteed to enhance your next agency brochure or lookbook. Simply edit to fit your vision and be sure to impress readers.

11. Portfolio by Creativity-Design

Portfolio diversity means including more than images and adding sections on your team, philosophy, investments and testimonials. This is a great way to build trust, and our templates come pre-built so you can easily add information to diversify your portfolio. 

12. Portfolio by visuelcolonie

Curate your next photography portfolio using a modern and elegant template made for text, graphics and images. Easy to use and built with the creative in mind, this design showcases a dynamic skill set and brings your work to life.

13. Square Portfolio by meenom

Geometric shapes can be powerful design features. They’re universal, eye-catching and timeless. Take a break from the rectangle format by using a square design template to help your work stand out.

14. Portfolio Template by Creativity-Design

Templates are completely customizable to suit your specific needs and brand aesthetic, which is why this design is our top all-rounder template. Transferable to projects for fashion, photography, marketing and much more.

15. A5 Portfolio by mixbeat

Go big or go home right? Check out this amazing A5 portfolio template to have your ideas literally jumping off the page. This one is hard to ignore – suited to professional designers and compatible with Adobe Indesign.

16. Photography Portfolio by uicreativenet

Templates 2 make it easy for creatives to add context and emphasis to their work. This universal portfolio design is contemporary and easy-to-use. The pre-built editorial layout is well organized and features editable fonts, images and colors.

17. ALIOTTA Modern Portfolio by blancalab

Neutral colors and minimalist features are at the center of contemporary design, and you can easily revamp your portfolio or company lookbook with our favorite modern design template. Relax into soft tones, clean fonts and its uncomplicated layout.

18. PARALEL Photography Portfolio by blancalab

The Parallel template is for those who want to showcase a bold body of work. Designed to juxtapose images, color and text in a seamless and eye-catching way, it features layered imagery, bold graphics and splashes of color.

19. Jota Multipurpose Creative Portfolio Web Template by panoplystore

This template is dynamic, easy to use, and compatible with various design software. This crowdpleaser is clean, modern and stylish, perfect for a range of projects.

20. Mavra – Creative Portfolio PSD Template by ThemeWisdom

Take your portfolio or website to the next level with these 11 Photoshop-compatible graphic templates. Set your portfolio to dark mode with this edgy and modern design that can be customized to suit your needs and highlight individual skill and expertise.

Templates are cost effective, time efficient and help creators do what they do best—create. Find all these top templates and more with an Envato Elements subscription, which includes thousands of professionally built creative assets and templates.

Need tips for creating your portfolio? Check out this guide on how to create a portfolio, or brush up on all the hottest Graphic Design Trends.

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