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Meet the Makers: Envato Authors On the Creatives Who Inspire Them

To celebrate Envato's $1 Billion milestone, we talk to 10 of our talented Envato authors about the fellow creators that inspire them.

Posted 10 Nov 2020
Meet the Makers – Envato Authors On Envato Authors

When Envato was launched back in 2006, our goal was simple: to build a space for creators to come together around a shared passion for creativity, learning, and design. Now, 14 years on, millions of people have used Envato to learn creative skills, complete projects and sell their creative assets.

As we near the end of 2020, one of the most unpredictable years in modern history, Envato’s thriving creative community of more than 80,000 talented authors, artists and designers has just hit an incredible milestone

Envato authors have now collectively earned more than $1 billion USD from selling their work on Envato Market and Envato Elements, an unbelievable sum that encompasses money paid out to creatives all over the world, from Indonesia to the United States. 

To mark this milestone, what better way to celebrate than to chat to the amazing people that made it all possible: our creative community! Without further ado, here are 10 of our talented Envato authors highlighting the work of  fellow Envato authors that inspire them to do what they do…

1. MotionCan

Leo - MotionCan
Leo – MotionCan

Envato Author MotionCan is known for his incredible digital motion assets available on both Envato Elements and Envato Market. With a passion for motion design and the project creation process – from sketches to animation – MotionCan creates a wide range of high-quality video content. 

I follow many authors, but one of my favorites that I take inspiration from is Planky. His work is very beautiful and inspires me to create fresh ideas.

Leo – MotionCan

The man behind MotionCan – 21-year-old Leo – didn’t have the money to pay for art education growing up so used Envato to unlock self-actualization and pay for college. Leo has not only found financial and artistic freedom through Envato, but also a network of interesting and inspiring authors.

He reveals, “I follow many authors, but one of my favorites that I take inspiration from is Planky. His work is very beautiful and inspires me to create fresh ideas. Also one of the coolest authors is Videolancer – all his projects are a work of art!” 

2. Prigida

Envato Author's Prigida's Workspace
Workspace of Envato Author – Prigida

Envato author and talented musician Prigida started out in the field quite spontaneously, but soon realised that creating music was the creative path for him. Creating tracks for AudioJungle, including abstract lo-fi, hip hop and chilled out beats, Prigida has found financial support, as well as an understanding of marketing and customer needs by working with Envato. 

He provides this advice for emerging authors: “Don’t try to copy the successful works of other artists. Get inspired by music out of stock, and try to make both unique and usable tracks.” 

He also draws inspiration from a range of other Envato authors. “I like Amaksi, he’s very good at conveying a mood and tension,” he explains. “I also like AlexGrohl for the unique sound of the guitar and also I like Fugu_Vibes for their unusual approach to creativity.”

3. Kaleriia

Envato Author - Kaleriia Tverdokhlib
Envato Author – Kaleriia Tverdokhlib

Creating a wide range of illustrations, graphics and templates on Envato Elements, illustrator and Envato author Kaleriia is known for her unique style, combining realistic drawings with elegance and mysticism. 

I love the works of M-e-f and Freezeronmedia. Their sphere is completely different from mine, but I really like the stunning textures and great brushes.


Kaleriia is a professional illustrator and trained painter specializing in botanical illustration, portraits, architecture and abstract painting. She’s quickly become one of the most enchanting authors on Envato Elements. Drawing inspiration from other artists and creators, she has nothing but respect and admiration for her fellow Envato authors. 

“I love the works of M-e-f and Freezeronmedia,” says Kaleriia . “Their sphere is completely different from mine, but I really like the stunning M-e-f’s textures and great brushes, and overlays and space backgrounds from Freezeronmedia.”

She continues: “I also love NassyArt. She creates beautiful textures, illustrations, and even brushes. Her style is very close to mine, but she is such a wonderful artist with a different creative direction.”

4. Semicolonweb

Envato Authors - Rohit and Shanky from SemiColonWeb
Envato Authors – SemiColonWeb

The web developers behind Envato author SemiColonWeb founded their business in 2011 from a University Lab in Kolkata, India. They started working on templates for ThemeForest as a way to generate extra income to support themselves throughout their studies. 

Now Creating HTML templates, WordPress themes and landing pages for Envato Market on a regular basis, Semicolonweb derive a lot of creative inspiration and motivation from other authors within the Envato community. 

“There are many authors that inspire us or push us to make better products,” they explain. “We love ThemePunch‘s works, their plugins are useful and add so much value to a user’s website. Apart from this there are many themes and plugins that are so good and well-implemented that they inspire us to create something better and useful.”

SemiColonWeb's CoWorker - Responsive Multipurpose Template

5. Blaqmatrix

Workspace of Envato Authors - Blaqmatrix
Workspace of Envato Authors – Blaqmatrix

Starting out as a young couple who attended the same fine arts course at university, Blaqmatrix are now a talented motion design duo, who create videos, graphics and video templates for VideoHive and Envato Elements. Blaqmatrix work as a family-owned professional design team, and have been creating assets for Envato for over six years. As veteran authors, their advice to emerging authors is to reach their greatest potential.

As for the authors we admire, we love levmotion, Muko, and Therealist_Shop. The projects of these authors are well represented visually and technically in their niche.


“Our advice to new authors is to maximize their creative ambitions,” they explain “Don’t be intimidated by the large, commercial projects you see in the market. Remember that new ideas are always a priority and develop the community, even if you think that everything has already been created.” 

“As for the authors we admire, we love levmotion, Muko, and Therealist_Shop,” they add. “The projects of these authors are well represented visually and technically in their niche.”

6. Amrit Pal Design

Envato Author - Amrit Pal Singh
Envato Author – Amrit Pal Singh

Envato author and 3D illustrator AmritPalDesign is well-known on Envato Elements for his unique, eye-catching 3D illustrations. Amrit is committed to featuring a wide range of diversity, individuality and representation in his work, which can be seen in pieces such as his ‘Toy Faces’ series.

Although he started out by selling his work via Envato Elements on the side, he was quickly amazed by the consistent source of income, encouraging him to start selling his digital assets full-time. As someone with a very unique style, Amrit also admires fellow authors – such as design agency PixelBuddha – who play to their strengths and stick to their natural style. 

“I love FlashFXbox. They have some amazing animated effects that I use all the time,” he says. “Also, brushes by pixelbuddha_graphic are pretty dope.”

7. Bangingjoints

Envato Author - Banging Joints
Envato Author – Bangingjoints

Designer and Envato Author Bangingjoints joined Graphicriver as an author seven years ago, freelancing remotely from home after leaving his full-time job. After creating items as a freelancer for two years, he made the switch to creating digital assets full-time.

Creating a range of interesting graphic templates and mockups on Envato Elements, Bangingjoints has nothing but positive things to say about Envato’s community of authors, with many inspiring his own work. 

I like DanJazzia’s illustrations, as they playfully utilize geometric shapes.


“There’s a lot of artists who greatly inspire me,” he says. “To name a few from Envato: the-sastra, DanJazzia, and 7h10 – a pretty “underground” artist who doesn’t have a lot of items, but each product has that nice clean feeling and a lot of sales. Deni Dessastra – a graphic designer from Indonesia – has cool, extremely detailed illustrations. Also, I like DanJazzia’s illustrations, as they playfully utilize geometric shapes.”

8. Halfpoint

Envato Authors - Halfpoint
Envato Authors – Halfpoint

Photography team Halfpoint are well known for their stunning, high-quality stock photography available on Envato Elements and PhotoDune. An idea dreamt up by photographer Nikola and marketer Jozef, who saw a gap in the market for great stock photography, Halfpoint decided to put their heads together to create the digital assets they were looking for. 

Now, these photographers aren’t just Envato authors, but also a successful company consisting of over 13 members. Of their fellow photo authors working with Envato they say: “We really like JacobLund and Rawpixel. Their images are unique, fresh and really eye-catching.”

9. Tellu

Indonesian-based Envato author pair Telllu produce colorful and punchy  graphics featuring watercolors and lettering. They’re a husband and wife team who do a lot of creative community workshops in Indonesia. Envato has provided the couple with the opportunity to make a living, as well as network with other designers in their local community.

“Because Envato is such a great community especially here in Indonesia, we meet a lot of great authors with success stories,” says Telllu founder Ingga Endita Nafasyah. “We always adore Pixelbuddha_graphic items. Their product are unique, and well-designed.”

We always adore Pixelbuddha_graphic items. Their product are unique, and well-designed.

Ingga Endita Nafasyah

10. Graphicook

Forming in February 2020, Graphicook has quickly become one of the most impressive authors on Envato. The Graphic Cook studio features the work of several talented designers – including DannyAldana from The Good Store, Gumilar from Guuver, Ricky from Aiyari, Taufik from Lilynthesweetpea, and Steve from Tokusatsu. Envato has enabled these creatives to pursue their passions and make a living from graphic design as part of a thriving design community. 

“There’s so many authors to choose from on Envato, and there’s a lot of designers out there that inspire all of us,” they say. “ it’s a hard decision to make, but we agree that Indieground is our favorite Envato author.”

We hope you enjoyed reading about our Envato Authors and the Envato Authors That Inspire Them! For more creative inspiration from our talented Envato community, head to our Community Stories category to read up on our Authors’ creative tips, as well as their creative journeys with Envato.

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