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What Impact Did Envato Make In 2018?

Our first ever Public Impact Statement demonstrates how we're supporting a global creative community.

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Posted 18 Dec 2018
What impact did Envato make in 2018

By Collis Ta’eed

Every successful enterprise creates impact.

As a purpose-driven company, we care deeply about making an impact that is not only positive, but inclusive of all the communities that we work with, be they customers, earners, and stakeholders such as staff and the wider community. Our values make us proud, and drive our business decisions every day towards this end.

With the calendar drawing to a close on 2018, we’re pleased to present Envato’s inaugural Annual Public Impact Statement (see below). The statement showcases the efforts we’ve made as a business this year to make a positive contribution to the communities that we work with. From an expanded product offering for customers, to record earnings for authors and the establishment of the Envato Foundation, it’s all covered here.

So why now?

We created this statement to give greater insight into what we’re doing and what we’re hoping to achieve, as well as provide an opportunity to contribute ideas to how we can do better. While we’re proud of the success we’ve had over the past twelve years, we’re excited about the future of the business and our creative community as a whole.

We thought there was no time like the present to share our latest results and give you a window into life behind the scenes at Envato. We hope you find it an interesting read! If you have any feedback on how the statement could be more useful, please drop by our forums and let us know. We’d love to hear from you.

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