We’ve made some awesome strides in 2018, like selling our 50 millionth item on Envato Market, having one of our ThemeForest authors hit the $25 million mark in sales, and reaching 100 thousand subscribers on Envato Elements.

Our year-end number-crunching has also revealed some interesting trends about what people are searching for or buying — data that could help inform your own work. Read on to discover the trends and surprises that have unfolded this year in Graphics, 3D, Photos, Video, Audio, Themes and Code.

Graphics in 2018

Whether it’s fonts, business cards, or resume templates,
our graphics have proven they have the Midas touch this year.

The Fonts Have It

We know our fonts are gorgeous, and it seems you do too. That’s why fonts are among the most popular items licensed on Envato Elements, with sans-Serifs, Script and Handwritten type all getting use in a wide variety of creative projects. If you haven’t gotten a taste of our font magic yet, head on over to Envato Elements and see what the fuss is all about.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall! Who’s the Fairest…

Fonts and graphics are, of course, as they were among the most popular items used by our Envato Elements subscribers. But by the end of 2018, an Envato Elements subscription provided more content types than any other equivalent subscription service, from video and audio content to PixelSquid 3D art, WordPress themes and more. If you haven’t yet checked out our incredible range of graphic items, here’s your chance.

Colours Speak Louder Than Words

This year, we’ve seen a lot of colour—sometimes eye-burning amounts of it, like pure 100% brightness magenta and cyan! If you’re the colour addict we think you might be, pick up any of our gorgeous colourful graphics and bring alive your websites, applications, or desktop wallpaper.

Colour Fonts Extravaganza

SVG colour fonts were a huge trend in 2018, and we expect this to continue in the new year to come. So take advantage of the cool new technology and download your favourite today.

Bitcoin and Crypto Illustrations

Remember the dot-com bust of 2000? Well, look at us now. Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies may have tanked in value in 2018, but at Envato we’re ready for the next boom with loads of these fabulous cryptocurrency graphics. Are you?

Magical Like a Unicorn

The world may be circling the drain, but hey, we’ve always got unicorns. We think Pinterest has a thing or two to answer for in resurrecting the popularity of this mythical creature. Help yourself to a cool graphic and spread the magic.

Gradient Style Vectors May Be a Thing

Gradient style business and lifestyle vectors have certainly picked up near the end of this year and are set to become a thing in 2019. We’ve got a great selection at Envato Elements that you can use for your projects.

Print Is Not Dead Yet...!

And we’ve got the proof. ‘Business card’ is the most searched-for keyword on GraphicRiver for every quarter so far this year, with ‘flyer’ a close second. So no, print is not dead. Far from it! Just check out the gorgeous flyers on offer at Envato Market, and you too will understand why.

When Is It Time to Think About the New Year?

It seems that searches for “2019”, “New Year” et al start climbing in September and October. So if you’re not thinking about your next year’s creative projects by Halloween, you’re behind the curve!

Chocolate Makes Everything Better

To the thousands of people who came searching for ‘chocolate’ this year … we salute you, as do our friends at Hey Tiger. Grab one of their delicious chocolates and then head on over to see the gorgeous graphics your search inspired.

Is it "CV" or "Resume"?

Both permutations (CV, curriculum vitae, resume, etc) are regular top 10 search trends on GraphicRiver. But, language wise, “resume” and related keywords get more searches than CV. Unsurprisingly perhaps, December and January are when these searches peak… #newyearnewme!

Happy Creating in 2019!

At Envato, we know that none of these milestones or data points would be possible without the huge community of people who use our sites to buy and sell, to create and to learn. It’s humbling to be part of so many creative projects, and we can’t wait to see what you all come up with in 2019!

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