Make a in Seconds

What is a t-shirt mockup? Why do you need one? How do you make a great-looking t-shirt mockup quickly and easily?

We’re here to answer all of those questions. So, if you want to show off your t-shirt design in a professional way and increase your sales, read on!

You don’t need to be a professional designer, and you don’t need Photoshop. Using an online t-shirt mockup generator takes just a few steps:

  1. Choose a template from the huge library of engaging images and videos.
  2. Upload your design.
  3. All done! Download your photorealistic t-shirt mockup.

What is a T-Shirt Mockup?

When you’ve designed your beautiful t-shirt and want to show it to the world, what’s the best way of doing it? Well, you could just take a standard photo of your t-shirt against a plain background. Or you could show an engaging image of someone actually wearing it.

As you can see from these examples, showing someone wearing your shirt is much more effective. It helps people imagine what your t-shirt will actually look like when they wear it, and it conveys a cool image that a standard straight-on shot can’t match. Put simply, it shows your work in its best light.

But there’s a problem. Unless you have excellent photography skills and happen to know a very photogenic model, organising a photo shoot will be expensive. And what if you haven’t even had your t-shirts printed yet?

That’s where t-shirt mockups come in. Instead of having to take photographs yourself, you can use an image or video of someone wearing a blank t-shirt. You can then upload your own design to create a powerful sales image, with just a few clicks of your mouse.

Why Do I Need a T-Shirt Mockup?

It’s a competitive world out there, and if you want people to buy your t-shirts, you need to stand out. An eye-catching design is important, but you also need to present that design in a professional, engaging way.

The research agrees. According to a Placeit study:

  • 92% of consumers say visuals are the top influencing factor affecting a purchasing decision.
  • 67% of consumers say the quality of a product image is critical in selecting and purchasing a product.

So get those visuals and product images right, and your sales should skyrocket.

Mockups are also great if you don’t have actual t-shirts printed yet, or if you’re not keeping physical inventory yourself. All you need is a digital image of the design, and the mockup generator will handle everything for you.

So to recap, you need a t-shirt mockup because:

  1. It will present your design in a professional way.
  2. You’ll sell more t-shirts.
  3. You don’t need photography skills or an expensive photo shoot.
  4. You don’t even need to have a physical t-shirt to hand!

How to Create a T-Shirt Mockup Quickly and Easily...

Most mockups you’ll find online require you to do some work in Photoshop to position your design on the T-shirt and get it looking right. With Placeit, on the other hand, you can do everything through your internet browser!

Just pick a scene you like, upload your image, and wait for a few seconds. You’ll see your design appear on the t-shirt, ready for you to download! If you want, you can also do things like changing the color of the t-shirt and resizing your image, and again, the changes will be shown on screen.

What’s great about this approach is not just that it’s easy, but that you can see exactly what the finished mockup will look like before you download it. 

...Or Boost Your Sales With a Video Mockup!

If you want to take it a stage further, try a video mockup. Videos are great for engagement and sharing on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and they also give your viewers a much clearer idea of how the t-shirt will look and feel when they buy it.

Video mockups are just as easy to create as images. Simply upload your image, generate a preview video, and if you like it, download it!

T-Shirt Mockup Examples

Here are some of our favorite examples of t-shirt mockups, all ready to create with just a few clicks. Choose any of them to get a free preview of your finished design!

For more images and videos, choose your own favourite from the thousands of t-shirt mockups on Placeit. 

T-Shirt Mockup FAQs

How much does it cost?

Images with a transparent background and high-resolution images are only $8. You can also sign up for an unlimited Placeit subscription, which gives you unlimited access for only $29 a month.

Where can I use the images?

Placeit’s unlimited license allows you to share your images anywhere you like! The most common use cases would be in your social media or on your product page!

How many templates are there?

For t-shirts alone, there are over 2,500 images and videos with a wide variety of models and scenes—more than enough for you to find exactly what you’re looking for! Plus there are thousands more mockups featuring hoodies, caps, coffee mugs, computers, smartphones, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

Can I change the color?

Yes, you can choose your own fabric color on each template. 

What if I like the model but not the template’s background?

No problem! Placeit has a selection of transparent background t-shirt mockups you can use over your own background.

What do I need to make a mockup?

You just need your design and a web browser!

How long does it take?

Just a few seconds.

What else does Placeit offer?

You can find everything from iPhone and MacBook mockups to promote an app or website to mugs, flyers, posters, and ebooks for branding purposes and amazing apparel mockups in all sorts of scenarios, models and garments. Placeit has the mockup you didn’t know you were looking for. You can also create logos, business cards, Instagram videos, and more.

What if I can’t find the mockup that I need?

If you are selling to a super specific niche and you can’t find a template that works for you, just contact the Placeit team. They’ll point you in the right direction or consider adding your requested mockup to the library in future.